As you may or may not have noticed on Instagram, we had a little #FITGIRLCODE party last week. And it was such a blast! Since the awesome #FITGIRLCODE community (yes, that includes you!) has been around for about a year now, we wanted to have a small celebration. And so we had one. Here’s what the event looked like!

Photo by Tiago Carvalho Photography

After entering the venue through air filled with bubbles (thanks so much for the awesome bubble machine, Bax-Shop!), there was a cool #FITGIRLCODE photo wall at which people could get a snapshot with the prop they received together with their invitation, like Fit Girl Ashley is here with her delicious pizza slice.

Fit Girl Code-5-2
Photo by SnapBoyz

Naturally, there was food! It can’t be a #FITGIRLCODE party without food! Some of the most-liked recipes, like this banana bread, were presented at the party.

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