Meet newest crew member and creative kitchen princess Kim

Food & Recipes door thijs

Looking for recipes from a foreign cuisine which contribute to a healthy lifestyle? With a lot of joy I announce that, starting today, I will blog on #FITGIRLCODE, and every week I will share with you new recipes that will spice up your kitchen with some foreign seasoning.

Hello there...
Let me begin with introducing myself; I'm Kim, 23 years old and the newest crew member of #FITGIRLCODE. You can find me in the CrossFit gym at SixForty on a regular basis, and if I need to reset my mind you can watch me in the most elegant poses (apart from the 'how-much-longer-can-I-keep-this-up' expression on my face) in the yoga studio at Balanzs.

Even though this is my blog debut I have been part of the #FITGIRLCODE crew since the very beginning as a designer and art director. A year ago I started to work as a freelancer, and at the same time I decided to change my lifestyle and work towards my goals: get fit and be comfortable in my own skin. Two goals that, unfortunately, do not always go hand-in-hand easily. Thus, I decided to share my experiences on my journey towards finding the right balance between freelancing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Let me spice it up for ya...
It is no exception that I'm busy during the week and weekends, but I always make time to prepare tasty, healthy and varied dishes. Because I have Indonesian and Surinamese blood running through my veins I always feel challenged to 'explore' foreign cuisine, and to transform this into a dish that suits a healthier lifestyle. Don't get me wrong! There's nothing wrong with enjoying a roti dish once in a while, but it gives you a better feeling when you know that you can eat responsibly while working hard to achieve your goals.

My mission is to surprise you with new and inspiring recipes, making it even more fun to take your time in the kitchen and give your body the treatment it deserves. I will share my journey, including the ups and downs, while becoming a better version of me, myself and I.

I love to get inspired by others, so if there is something you would like to share with me you, let's connect and let us inspire and motivate each other!