How to prepare the perfect picnic

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There's no better way to slowly transition into summer than by having a picnic in the park.There's just something unbelievably relaxing about it! But before you actually get to the part where you chill out all day, you've got to prepare for it. So let's talk about your picnic prep.  With some effort, you can end up with the perfect picnic for your family and friends.

First things first: packaging

Instead of putting all your food together into one container or basket, consider walking with multiple. One container can be used for your non-perishables and cutlery, while you should bring along a cooler or two for your cold foods and drinks. This is especially important if your spot is far from your home. You want to keep your food cold as long as possible!

Bring one cooler full of ice for your drinks, and keep a separate one for your salads and meats for that matter. You're probably going to open the drinks cooler way more than the meats/salads one, so keeping them separate will help keep the cold air present for the food. It might seem like a lot of hustle to walk with multiple containers, but it's going to be so worth it when everything is the exact temperature it should be.

You also can never go wrong with Tupperware containers. Keep your salad dressing and sauces in Tupperware containers to ensure they don't spill or make your food soggy. And it's also good to just keep your foods in them. If you pull out everything onto your blanket, it's pretty likely that you'll just have to throw them out at the end of the day.

On top of that, another thing to keep in mind is your cutlery. Consider investing in reusable plastic plates and forks and knives. These are just as sturdy as glass plates, and they minimize your waste. And of course, don't forget your trash bags! Clean up after yourself and be nice to the environment. ;)

What's for lunch?


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Variety is the word to use here. For your picnics, you want to make sure that you have a diverse spread of food available to choose from. One way to do this is to create an assortment of salads to put into your sandwiches. If you need some inspiration, then try out this healthy chicken salad. Spend the day before in the kitchen putting the salad together, then just spoon it into a Tupperware container and you're good to go! If chicken isn't your thing, then try out this yummy avocado tuna salad.

Next, make sure that you stock up on some fresh fruits. It might be tempting to just buy some chips and dip to snack on, but fruits are a much better snack. Plus, they're way more refreshing while you're outside in the heat. If your fruits are in check, then it's time to move on to the veggies. Choose your favorite salad from our top 5 picks of salads and bring it along at your picnic. Salads and sandwiches are picnic staples that you can't go wrong with. ;)

Fun in the Sun


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Some picnic goers are into laying down all day with a good book and good music around them, while others want to be a bit more active with the day. Personally, I'm a bit of both. If you're with a group that's more into activities, then here are a few tips to think of to liven up the day.

Instead of just plopping down on to a random spot, start your day outdoors with a hike. Explore an area you've never been before and enjoy a nice hike while you look out for a beautiful place to chill out at. Next, bring a board game or Twister. Competition is always a way to get people excited. It's not only fun for those participating, but also for the ones on the sidelines. And if you're not afraid to get a little dirty, then a go-to activity is a water balloon fight. Have you ever not had fun playing in one of these?

I can't end this off without including some sort of more physical activity, so if you're up for it, bring your workout with you. Take advantage of a playground or the stairs at the park and get a quick workout in before you spend the day lounging on your picnic blanket.

I hope that you enjoyed these tips and use them the next time you're prepping for a picnic. What are your picnic must-haves for a good time?