Today it’s Purple Day! This is all about raising awareness of epilepsy, which affects more than 65 million people worldwide. Epilepsy can change anyone’s life at any time. Started in 2008, March 26th is now represented through the colour purple. Supporters around the globe are encouraged to wear purple so sufferers know they are not alone and to dismiss any myths about the disorder. That’s why we teamed up with STYLIGHT, other global influencers and celebs to raise awareness and money for this cause! 

Epilepsy is a brain disorder that results in having seizures. Seizures are sudden intense electrical bursts of activity in the brain which cause a temporary malfunction and disrupts how it works. At the moment, there is no cure for epilepsy yet, although some sufferers can alleviate their symptoms a bit by using medication. We can only imagine how difficult this disorder must be… All of you out there: you are not alone!

To help raise money for Purple Day, we’ve donated two items for the global auction that STYLIGHT is hosting: one #FITGIRLCODE item and one Jogha set!

#FITGIRLCODE Purple Day sweater

This sweater is literally one of a kind! Especially for Purple Day, we made the classic #FITGIRLCODE sweater in a purple edition. Of course it’s organic cotton as usual and it will keep you warm before & after your intense workout. If purple is your favorite colour then this is your lucky day! You can place your bid on this unique item here until the 2nd of April.


Jogha floral set

Well you all know this one! The infamous floral set of Jogha is also being auctioned, yay! With a hint of purple, the floral set is perfect for this occasion. The long tights and the racerback bra are being auctioned together in size M, so place your bid on this stunning set here until the 2nd of April.


Will you be wearing purple today? 

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