How figure skating made me a stronger person

Today is a great moment to have a closer look into my biggest passion: figure skating! I had my last competition of this season yesterday and I loved every minute of it! Figure skating is so much more for me than ‘just a sport’. Not only have I learnt so much about the sport itself, I’ve learnt life lessons at the ice rink.

When I started to skate, I was only a shadow of a person of who I am now. I was insecure about basically everything in life and I never had the courage to try something new. Actually, taking my first figure skating lessons was just an experiment. At the gym I was always focused on how many calories I burned. Yes, I was very dedicated and consistent, but for the wrong reasons and I didn’t enjoy it at all! I hoped figure skating could be a sport I actually would practice because it makes me happy. And luckily, I absolutely loved it!


After a few years of recreational skating, I decided to start doing skating competitions. I think this is where my real journey began. Figure skating is technically one of the hardest sports on earth. The techniques are so refined and difficult…it takes years to learn and refine all the basic jumps and spins. And if you can do all the basics, then there’s the next step: combination spins and double jumps! After doubles, comes triples and among the world top skaters are actually even figure skaters (mainly men) who can land quads: 4 rotations in one jump, it’s like a spin in the air!! WOW!

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How to stay focused

How to stay focused when your mind is all over the place

Impulses can lead you off your track
Whether in work, at home, during activities or even hanging out with family and friends, your mind can take you to places and out of that moment. For no reason whatsoever. It’s just because you let it happen.

Be in the present in order for you to enjoy your precious moments
Giving all your attention is impossible if your mind is making your groceries list, picturing your kid’s agenda or thinking back to your last gathering with friends. And sure, your loved ones will accept it at one point, but try picturing yourself with the feeling of being ignored. And it’s actually not fair to people when noticing your attention has left the building.

Tips on how to stay focused and coming back to the moment
Inhale, exhale
As soon as you notice your mind is taking you for a little stroll, start focusing on your breathing. Find a comfortable position in the position you’re in and breathe in…. and breathe out.
Continue filling both your lungs and belly with air through your nose…and breathe out through your mouth. Then try to keep your breath in your belly area and notice how your belly fills itself up with air…aaaand let it go.

Now bring your attention to the person you were talking to or the situation you were in, by really absorbing the words or the activity. Be conscious of the fact that you are in the moment. And all your senses will awaken.

Let go
In this phase you have now successfully let go of your thoughts. They might have not been completely gone as you can picture them waiting for you to give them your attention again, but please know thoughts are not your loved ones or your favorite activity. Thoughts are merely created by this magnificent part of your body – your brain. So keep breathing, absorbing and finally let go of them completely.

You will soon notice and feel the joy of giving your full attention and focus. Every precious moment in life will energize you which will result in a total well-being. And most importantly, you are bound to smile from the inside after giving yourself without giving yourself away.

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