Spirulina Raspberry Miyogi

I wanted to make a new Miyogi that has something else then only fruits and nuts. A friend of mine gave me a sample of spirulina. It is known as a green algue and said it’s mostly perfect to take after your workout. So what is spirulina? 

Spirulina Raspberry Miyogi

Spirulina is a green algae (sticky goey plants from the sea). In asian countries algae are more then normal to be used in dishes or to take as additional vitamins. (Think about the seaweed “Nori” wrapped around your sushi or “Wakame” the seaweed you often get as side salad.) You can find so much on the internet about this power food, but what interested me is that dried spirulina contains about 60% (51–71%) protein. Spirulina is available in caps, powder form or raw. I got to try the spirulina powder from Body en Fit.

Green Powder Protein PoW PoW in your bowl!
My first impression? GREEEN! It is soo beautifully green it already looks yummy. The scent is very grassy and a bit salty. I can’t compare it to a plant or grass but it has a same kind of scent. The taste of it raw is very strong. So when using it in a Miyogi or smoothie, start with small portions or you might overdo it. To add some extra flavor I took some raspberries (the color of goes so nice with the green teehee! ).

What do you need?

– 2 hands of raspberries

– 1 hand of walnuts

-1 tbl spoon of flaxseeds

– tbl spoon of hennep seeds

-1 tbl spoon of honey/stevia

How to prepare it?

Take the raspberries, nuts, seeds and sweetners and mix them right. As a final.. Top it with the spirulina and mix that well together until you have the right flavour.

Enjoy your power breakkie! And please share you Miyogi’s with me if you have instagram. You can find me as Fitgirltizi!


Easter Miyogi

Easter is on its way! One of the best moments during Easter are the delicious breakfasts. Boiled eggs, toast, a nice cup of tea and maybe a Miyogi! Surprise your friends and family with this cute yogurt recipe in the morning. Easter Miyogi

Eggs in your yogurt?

That’s right! The yellow circle you see in this miyogi is the yolk mixed with half
a cup of white chocolate protein powder. It brings this amazing creamy and sweet taste to the yogurt (a little bit like custard!).

The use of eggs during Easter goes way back into human history. Giving Easter eggs is a Christian custom to celebrate life. It is related to the resurrection of Christ. During spring there are a lot of new born animals, the sun is shining longer and longer.. I’d say bring on those easter eggs and let’s celebrate life!

Easter Miyogi: What do you need?

– 1 cup of blueberries

– 1/2 apple

– 1 egg yolk

-2 tbl spoons of Omega seed mix

-2 tbl spoons of Impact whey protein (flavour: white chocolate)

-1 tbl spoon of honey

-5 to 10 nuts by choice (hazelnuts, almondswalnuts or a mix :D)

How to make an Easter Miyogi?

Starting by taking your bowl and putting the nuts, apple, honey and half of your blueberries on the bottom. Add the yogurt so that it will be a surprise for your guest when they start mixing their yogurt (oh boy oh boy there are nuts in it!!!). The rest of the blueberries are used to decorate the top (i mixed them together so that it became a bit liquid and more fun to “paint” with. Now.. Take the egg yolk and mix it together with the protein powder until it becomes a nice smooth and creamy texture (add more powder if you want the flavour to become sweeter and stronger). Now start painting!! You can decorate your Miyogi with the omega seed mix, the yolk mix and blueberries. I think mine turned out like something that looks like a sunrise  or at least I like to think of it that way 😉

I love to share my recipes and stories with and it makes me really happy to see what you do with the recipes yourself!


Mangosteen Miyogi

For me January is a month with new habits and start being a better version of myself. A little bit cliché, I know… 😀 So last year I was discovering how to prepare a healthy and nutritious breakfast and this year I am looking for improvements and change of ingredients, to improve my quality of life, eating habits and creativity in cooking. My breakfast is one of my most important meals of the day.  So I started to look for some new ingredients for my breakfast.

The “Queen of the fruits” for breakfast
Have you ever heard of Mangosteen (also known as Mangistan or the “Queen of fruits”)? I found this fruit but it never appealed to me until a lady at the market stopped me and told me about the amazing benefits of this fruit. Mangosteen is a tropical fruit that grows in the rain forests of Southeast Asia. The mangosteen is rich of xanthones. These antioxidants are more powerful then vitamins. Xanthones are strong infections lowers and increase te quality of your breathing, your immune system and digestion. The Mangosteen is the fruit with the most xanthones in the world (especially in the skin)! The flesh has the same texture and colour as the lychee. It’s sweet and soft and it really fils.

Miyogi: Mangosteen. What do you need?
– 1 or 2 whole mangosteen

– 1/2 apple

-2 tbl spoons of hennep seeds

-1 tbl spoon of pumpkin seeds

– tbl spoon of sunflower seeds

-1 tbl spoon of honey

-5 to 10 nuts by choice (hazelnuts, almondswalnuts or a mix :D)


Xmas Miyogi

During Christmas it is most likely you have to be a hostess for guests that come from far. They sleep over and you want them to have the best time ever! How fun would it be to surprise them with a Miyogi in the morning instead of the standard eggs and bacon. Because of it’s vibrant colours, a Miyogi is perfect for creating the perfect Christmas 😀 The inspiration came from the good old fashioned Christmas Fruit cake and the thought of having a white Christmas. The red, green and white are just so festive!

Christmas happines in the morning

A typical Christmas Fruitcake is full of  fruits, nuts, raisins and the known colourfull glaced cherries. I know, I know…. The glaced cherries are glaced… coated with sugar and not so healthy. What the heck, it’s Christmas! Besides you’ll add loads of apple and pear which makes it a bit more healthy and nutritious again 😛 I am sure this Christmas tree in a bowl, will put a smile on the faces of your guests. This Miyogi reminds me a bit of my B-day Rainbow swirl Miyogi which was made with M&M’s. Also not very healthy but totally worth it!

What do you need?

  •  yoghurt
  • 1/2 apple
  • 1/2 pear
  • 1 tbl spoon of glaced mixed cherries
  • 1 tbl spoon of wheat bran
  • 1 tbl spoon of coconut flakes

IMG_1667Chop the apple and pear and put these on the bottom, add the yogurt and top it with the wheat bran, glaced cherries and coconut flakes. There you have it! You can add all kinds of nuts and seeds for extra crunchiness. I think walnuts or hazelnuts are best.

I hope you all enjoy your Christmas. I am so excited about 2015 and its new challenges and ofcourse I will be looking for new Miyogi’s to make.

What are you favourite breakfast ingredients? Eggs, nuts, fruit, bread, honey, cinnamon, pepper, salt etc. Name it and I will make it a challenge to create some suprisingly good Miyogis. January is all about reinventing yourself for the new year. Time to shake things up and recreate! Be sure to share your miyogi’s on Instagram with the hastags #fitgirlcode #miyogi #fitgirltizi. For new Miyogi inspiration follow me on Instagram @fitgirltizi 😀

Have a great Christmas and a happy New Year!!!


Body charge Miyogi

It’s getting cold and adjusting your eating pattern is a smart thing. Adding some fatty foods can be very benificial for your little engine to keep you warm. I need some extra natural fats to keep me going. So I loaded my Miyogi full of nuts and seeds.  Check out this Body Charge Miyogi to keep you going during the winter.

You know what polar animals have in common that aides them to survive in the cold? Fat. Yes ladies., to stay warm it is good to have a little extra on the side. I personally feel better if I have a little extra during winter season. I hate feeling cold! It takes my focus of what’s really important at important times. So during the winter I eat more natural fatty foods like: nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil, fatty fish and eggs. For breakfast I eat eggs and cheese, but when I am craving for my yoghurt I bomb my Miyogi with fresh nuts and seeds 😀 Off course with delicious fruits. This time mango and apple!

IMG_4980What do you need?

– 1/4 Mango

– 1/2 Apple

– 1 tbl spoon of sunflowerseeds

– 1 tbl spoon of pumpkin seeds

– 1 tbl spoon of flaxseeds

– 1 tbl spoon of chia seeds

– 1 tbl spoon of mixed nuts

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Ninja Turtle Miyogi

Recently the movie “Teenage mutant ninja turtles” came out and I loved it!! I wish I was a Ninja turtle (jumping around, fighting against criminals with asian weapons and eating pizza all the time). Yes, big fan of martial arts, comics and pizza. But pizza for breakfast? I’d prefer the Ninja turtle Miyogi. Cowabonga dude!!

My favorite Turtle is Michaelangelo. He’s the one with the nunchucks, orange band and goofy attitude. His looks inspired me for a Miyogi so I got these super delicious pistachio nuts and Inca berries to match colours for my turtle miyogi.

Fruits in this Miyogi are : Banana and coconut. Banana is a sweet soft fruit and will go well with the crunchiness of the nuts and neutralise the sourness of the berries. I also added dried coconut strips. So to be honest I just choose these fruits, nuts, seeds and berries because of their colors and thought it would taste great. It did!

What do you need?

– 1/2 banana

– 1 tbl spoon of pistachio nuts

– 1 tbl spoon of inca berries

-1 tbl spoon of honey

– 1 tbl spoon of coconut strips

-1 tbl spoon of flaxseeds

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Early Autumn Miyogi

The leaves are starting to turn a bit brown and slowly the days are getting shorter. Feeling a bit sad and blue that the end of the summer in sight. Luckily the change of the season also comes with the profits: different fruits! I wanted to make this Miyogi a bit blue and happy with the delicious seasonal fruit. The prune. So here’s my latest Miyogi named Early Autumn.

Early Autumn Miyogi

The fruits in this Miyogi are: Blueberries and Prunes.

Prunes ripe and are at it’s best after summer. They come in many colours and often they are eaten dried. They are also known as plums. I used the ripe and undried fruit for this Miyogi. They are a big help if you feel constipated, but do not eat to much of them because they are very high in sugar!

Blueberries. I felt like I wanted to mix them with the prunes because of their colour and sour and sweet taste. Blueberries have so many benefits and are known as one of the best foods to eat. They are high in anti-oxidants and good for the brain and nervous system. They are blue, but they make me happy!!

What do you need?

How to make a Early Autumn Miyogi

Very simple. Just cut the prunes and mix it with the onther ingredients. Make sure you stir well to mix the honey right! Tip: use frozen blueberries. They contain all the vitamins because they are frozen and it gives you an extra chilled Miyogi.

Enjoy your Miyogi and don’t forget to share your creations with me!

Rainbow Swirl Miyogi

A little while ago I woke up to a fantastic surprise. My boyfriend wanted to surprise me with a Miyogi! It was my birthday and he wanted to make me a birthday Miyogi. I was blown away by his sweet act, but mostly by the choice of ingredients. He knows how to make a girl happy and shine like a rainbow. Here’s why!

Chocolate is a girl’s best friend, we all know that. My boyfriend said to me: Today is your birthday so you must cheat!! He added a secret ingredient what made this Miyogi the best B-day Miyogi ever!!! The secret ingredient: M&M’s. Oh how i love these, especially the ones with the peanuts inside. Once the M&M’s were added to the Miyogi, it started to colour the yogurt as well. It was so colourful what made it taste extra good!! That’s why I called this Tizi’s Miyogi: Rainbow swirl

B-day happiness in the morning

The fruits in this miyogi are: Apple, Banana. Secret ingredient: M&M’s
M&M’s These colour coated, chocolate filled, button shaped candies. Once known as “Smarties”, Mars Company started producing these babies in 1941. The original once are filled with only chocolate and nowadays there are twenty-seven different kinds of fillings: milk chocolatedark chocolatewhite
chocolatecrisped ricemint chocolatepeanutsalmondsorange chocolatecoconutpretzelwildcherry,  cinnamonraspberrybirthday cakepumpkin spicecandy corncherry cordialstrawberried peanut butter,peppermintgingerbreadpeanut butterred velvetcarrot cakedark chocolate peanutpineapple and vanilla shake

Yes you read it well! They even have a special Birthday cake M&M!!! So excited about this one!! the flavour all sound so amazing!! Back to the Miyogi.


What do you need?

– YogurtIMG_8315

– 1/2 Apple

– 1/2 Banana

– 1 tbl spoon of flaxseeds

– 1 tbl spoon of chiaseeds

– 1 tbl spoon of honey

– 10 M&M’s

How to make a Rainbow Swirl Miyogi?

I’d say, chop all your fruits together and top it with the yogurt. Do not stirr yet! Now you have a snow white template to work your magic with the honey, flaxseed and M&M’s of your choice. Go wild!! and show me your creations by tagging me with #Fitgirltizi if you post a picture on Instagram.

Tizi’s Miyogi: August Sun

It’s August. Month of the Leo, sunflowers, happy bees, the sun (sometimes) and of course…Yogurt. Yogurt is a fresh and light breakfast and as you know, I love to make Miyogi’s. Miyogi is yogurt combined with delicious ingredients made by mi for mi= Me. They are super awesome power boosters full of fruit, nuts and seeds. So try a Miyogi and have a sunny breakfast!

So check out this Miyogi recipe, at first it was called Yellow sun, but August sun had a better ring to it, don’t you think? So, down to Miyogi business. This actually is a Miyogi to recover from all the long tanning sessions and sundown dinner parties.

Summer sun med-kit

The fruits in this Miyogi are: mango, orange, Sharon fruit and passion fruit.

Mangos and oranges. Do you have sunburn or pimples? These two fruits contain a high level of beta-carotene (which is converted in Vitamin A) which will help your skin recover from sunburn or resolve pimples. Fun fact: beta-carotene is an ingredient to be found in self-tanning products.

Sharon fruit and passion fruit. Feel a little bit bloated after a dinner? Sharon fruit, part of the Diospyros family (which means fruit of the gods ) contains twice as much fiber as in apples. The soluble fibers in these fruits (to be found in many fruits), increase bulk laxatives and improves your digestion.

What do you need?

– Yogurt

– 1/4 Mango

– 1/4 Orange

-1/4 Sharon fruit

-1 or 2 Passion fruit (take two if you like the sweet and sour)

-2 tbl spoons of flaxseeds

-1 tbl spoon of mulberries

-1 tbl spoon of honey

-5 to 10 nuts by choice (hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts or a mix)

How to make a August sun Miyogi?

I’d recommend to cut the fruits and use them immediately. But if you have little time in the morning, prep the fruits the night before (but keep them separate to avoid them from getting moist and squishy). Mix everything together and that’s it! Tizi’s Miyogi: August sun

Enjoy your August sun and don’t forget to share your creations with me on Instagram!