How to stay fit on a budget

December is over and I guess I’m not the only one who is broke from buying Christmas gifts and expensive food for Christmas dinners. Now the new year has started and you want to get fit, without spending a lot of money.. Here are some tips to get fit on a budget.

Run Forrest, run!
Running is free! You can download all kinds of apps that help you to train and make you a better runner. I use RunKeeper and NexTrack to track my activities. All you need then is some running gear.. Go for it!

Shake your booty
Dance around in your house. With dancing you use a lot of muscles and you also burn calories. Also, who doesn’t love to dance? This really is an easy way to help you to get fit. Here are two playlists I like; the Dance Workout and Cardio.

Join in on the Fit Girl challenges

We have made a couple of challenges for you. Check out the challenge videos and schedules here. This month we have a full body challenge.

Buy your healthy foods at your local market
As we always say, being fit starts in the kitchen. Healthy food can sometimes cost a bit more than unhealthy food. But at local markets the food is a lot cheaper. Also if you stroll over the market you’re actually having a workout and cheaper food as well.

Prep your food in advance
It’s nice to plan in advance what you’re going to eat next week. You can buy all the groceries in one go and prep the meals. It’s time saving to prep you meals and also your food is ready so you won’t need to do groceries and buy more things, you don’t need, just because your hungry. Also you can buy large amounts and use it for different meals throughout the week. At your local market you can probably buy large amounts of food for a really low price. For example you buy 5 peppers and make some variety of recipes with it like; stuffed peppers, a salad or use it with other veggies in a wrap. If you don’t want to eat the peppers (or any other ingredient) for a couple days in a row you can just slice it and put it in the freezer for later.

So let’s do this, and we’ll all be rich fit girls ;-).

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Add some GoPro flavour to your training

Do you know about GoPro? I always thought it was for heroes just because all of the GoPro videos I watched were pretty awesome! This Christmas, Santa gave me a GoPro and my first reaction was; how am I going to use this camera. I’m such a nerd and not at all creative with a camera and video. Help! Is it possible for me to be a hero too? Who wouldn’t want to capture that kick-ass move (or workout) to show off to your fit friends? If you’re – just like me – and can’t pull off 360’s and flips on your snowboard or mountain bike, you can still create an epic video.

IMG_9102-1024x768GoPro what?
GoPro is an ‘action’ camera and a very very popular wannahave. This ultimate handy camera is perfect for active people who want to record their stunts, actions or moves. Most videos are from the extreme sports world but the GoPro world is changing ;-). With all the different kinds of accessories you attach the camera anywhere you like. On your head, helmet, snowboard, SUP, dog or wherever you would want to put it. Pretty cool, right?



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Running like a shooting star

Dark winter nights won’t stop us from running right, girls? But it is best to prepare yourselves well, so I selected my favorite gear and gadgets that lighten you up like a star. Everybody will be able to see how awesomely fast and stylish you run. Running like a shooting star!

Cona neon led schoenverlichtingNeon led shoe lights

These shoelights from Cona are not only efficient in dark places, they also look pretty awesome too! The Cona’s fit on any shoe and are easy to clip on and off. They look so awesome and remind me of the sneakers I had as a kid 😀



Reflective cap

nike featherlight 2I got two favorites, from Nike and Forever 21 . Nike is all white and easy to spot.




The cap from Forever 21 had the reflective element and has a nice a neon colour. The last one is very affordable if you compare it to other reflective headwear.Forever 21 reflective hat



Reflective Tights and Jackets

I am a huge fan of the Nike Flash collection. Their jackets and tights really make you shine like a shooting star. My number one favorite: The Nike dri-fit printed reflective tight. The tight is very good foNike Dri-fit reflective leggingr cold surroundings and the print is awesome! Be sure to check the whole collection!






Talking about shooting stars, last weekend I had this amazing shoot with the international known Dutch artist and designer Daan Roosegaarde. His designs are innovative, creative and nothing like you have seen before! Check it out…

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Customize your Adidas shoes

Have you been looking for shoes that perfectly match that sports top? Or shoes in that one colour that you can’t find in any store? Create them yourself! Adidas enables you to create your own Mi Adidas shoes, of which you can choose all the different colours. And the huge advantage: it’s not that expensive. Here’s how I experienced customizing my own Adidas shoes. 

When I decided I needed a new pair of (fashionable) running shoes, I went to the Adidas website and saw these Duramo 6 shoes, which I already liked in their standard look. Then I noticed a button saying ‘customise’. With my dream pair of black running shoes with coral accents in the back of my mind, I got down and dirty customizing. The result is completely what I hoped for! On the  right you see the virtual shoe and on the left the result. Pretty cool huh?



Customizing your dream pair

There are many pros to customizing your own Adidas shoe. Most importantly, you get to choose your own colours and create the shoe you have been looking for. But next to that, I found my Duramo 6 shoes perfect for running and exercising – they run heavenly. Furthermore, you get two pairs of laces so you can replace them once in a while. And all this for about 20 euros extra on the price! My Duramo 6 shoes were originally 60 euros, and my customized version cost 80 euros. Perfect!

Of course there are some (slight) disadvantages: it takes a while before you get them. These shoes are being made only for you, so don’t expect them to be delivered within a week. I had to wait about 4-6 weeks before I got them, but I’m glad I did, because it was worth it! A disadvantage I luckily did not encounter is the fact that you cannot return them. As I said, they are being made only for you, so returning them is not an option. So be certain that you love your masterpiece, because once they are yours, they are yours forever. (Sounds scary, doesn’t it?)

So how does it work? Well, it’s fairly easy: you look for a shoe model that you like. Then check whether there is a ‘customise’ button at the right side, and it will lead you through the process! Easy peasy right? Happy customizing!