Jogha Presents: The Supernova Collection ★★★

Stop whatever you’re doing. Cancel your plans to meet up with the girls for dinner and invite them over instead. Let them know to bring their laptops/tablets/smartphones because.. The Supernova Collection is now online and shopping is always fun with friends 😉 ! Our baby is fi-na-lly ready to rumble, and you can NOW put it in your shopping bag.

Jogha is back with a brand new Spring/Summer collection, that is fiercer and more expressive than ever before. Curious about the prints? Head on over to the webshop, or see them in person between 26th April and 1 May at the Pop Up Shop in Amsterdam!

You are the Supernova

We know exactly how tough it is to achieve your fitness goals! It’s an uphill battle that requires you to fight, fight, and fight some more… and that’s all the more reason for you to show off how far you’ve come. Don’t be afraid to stand out, and let the world see those gains! That’s what this collection is about, an ode to all the powerful women. The four prints: Fierce, Impulsive, Radiant and Reckless motivate Fit Girls all over town to push their hardest. From eccentric designs to the strong basics, The Supernova Collection has items suitable for all the different kinds of sport chicks out there. Check out which items are your taste, and get ready to kick some ass!

The Supernova Collection

The Supernova Collection

The Supernova Collection

The Supernova Collection

The Supernova Collection

Supernova Collection

The Supernova Collection ft. Jogha Pop Up Shop

Already spotted an item that drives you wild? Then don’t miss out the chance to browse the collection in real life, try them out, and of course, take them home with you! From 26th April to 1st May, there will be a Pop Up Shop in the heart of Amsterdam (Huidenstraat 13). There you can get The Supernova Collection along with items from the older collections (with up to 70% off). Another bonus: If your order is above 150,- then you get the chance to go home with a super stocked goodie bag!

For those outside of The Netherlands, worry not. Jogha ships their products worldwide. 😉  The only continent they haven’t hit is Antarctica, so.. Fit Girls living in Antarctica, this is your chance to be the first!

So, are you ready for your new Spring/Summer sport outfit? After seeing the first items, are you thinking yes, I could use a new pair of tights? Are you ready to give your fit life style a nice kick start?! Then surf the Jogha site, or come meet us at the Pop Up Shop (Opening Times: Tues, Wed, Fri till Sun 09:00-19:00, Thurs 9:00-21:00)! Happy shopping!

My top 5 Christmas gifts

So I was scrolling through my calendar, setting up appointments and suddenly it hit me: there’s only six weeks left till Christmas. Only six? Yes, guys you heard me right. I guess time flies when you’re working 4 times a week, finishing up your thesis, trying to squeeze in some workouts and at the same time have some fun time with friends. This means we can think of presents and gifts again. I love Christmas, it’s absolutely my favorite time of the year!

Every year I make a list of things I would like to get for Christmas just because I still love to get presents as much as when I was 10 years old. And besides, it makes the life of my friends and family easier and at least I get the things I really need and like instead of the 100th pair of socks. This year I’m in for some new workout clothes. So everyone likes different things and that’s why we prefer different clothes and have a different wardrobe. You’re the one to unlock your healthy lifestyle and create your own life!

So, I used to run. A lot. Somewhere in a far, far past. I loved the adrenaline, the fresh air, how it made me feel unstoppable. I dunno if I got lazy or just didn’t feel it anymore but last May when I wanted to pick it up again, I got struck by an injury. Great. And again a half year passed by. I’m slowly recovering and want to pick up running again. This is a good excuse to stock up on some new running gear because all my other stuff is molded as I didn’t use it for quite some time.

First of all, a good sports bra is a must-have for runners. There are different bras for the different types of sport. And a 5K run obviously asks for more support than a chilled-out yoga session. I always had the feeling my boobs are bouncing all over the place while running and I was too stubborn to buy one just for running. But now I want to do it right, so this one caught my eye: The Pro Rival Dalmatian sport bra of Nike. The pattern actually reminds me of one of my most favorite Disney movies: the 101 Dalmatians. Now I like it even more! But another bra caught my eye while I was taking a look through all the sports bra’s. It’s not specifically made for running but more likely for fitness and training. I absolutely love the red Nike Dri-Fit Knit bra and can’t choose between these two. Which one would you guys get, left or right?

christmas gifts










So we got the supportive bra but we definitely need some other running essentials: tights and a good jacket that’ll keep you warm. Winter is coming and I’m preparing myself mentally.  It was so f*cking cold the other day and I literally thought my face was going to freeze off, so if that’s a preview, we’re in for a real cold ass winter. As I’m not a treadmill kind of person I will have to pack up so I can face the cold while running outside. Have I told you about the wind here in Rotterdam? Brrr… The Dri-Fit Epic Run tights are perfect as they are specially designed to keep you warm and they’re basic but have a really cool mesh detail in the back of the knees. I would actually also like to have tights with a print so I stumbled upon the Nike Printed Engineered! Why is there so much to choose from? Which one do you Fit Girls prefer?

christmas gifts










Of course we need something to go along with the tights and I found this lovely jacket. I want it! When I used to run I never knew what to wear in the winter. I would always be too cold or too warm and then I realized that I might just not have the right clothes. So the Shieldrunner Flash jacket is a perfect addition as it protects you from the wind, that’s a score! I like the one with black and white but for the more colorful people out there take a look at the Nike Impossibly Light jacket. It’s available in different colors but I prefer the light aqua color. What about you, which one should I choose?

christmas gifts


So, what’s essential if you want to go running? Right, running shoes! I literally never had a pair of good sneakers for running as I would just use some old ones I had lying around in my closet. It’s important to have good running shoes because everyone has different feet and another fit. You should really check with a professional before buying some running shoes and not only buy by looks! I  know what works well for me and I stumbled upon these babies when I was browsing the internet: Nike Flyknit Air Max. They have a good damping response so this is perfect for longer runs. Honestly I would even buy them if I didn’t want to start running again because I think they’re awesome!

christmas gifts

christmas gifts









Now that I ended up in the sneaker section I have to put another pair of sneakers to my wishlist. I have a confession to make. I’m a sneaker freak. I dunno when it happened or how it happened but I do know that a girl can’t have enough sneakers. I took a look at my glass display case, and yes I have a glass display case for my sneakers, and came to the conclusion that I need some new black ones. I just lost a pair of black ones so good reason to ask for new ones, right?! You’re probably wondering how on earth you can lose shoes, trust me, I’m wondering the same. Thus, the last item on my list are the Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Noire sneakers. I was kinda going for a running theme list but hey you can never have too many black sneakers! 😉 You can wear these in a casual setting and they go both with a sporty outfit as a more classy one such as a skirt or dress.

christmas gifts

christmas gifts









So now you Fit Girls know Christmas is around the corner, sit down for a minute and write down your wishlist. I’m sure you will not have a hard time making one 😉 If you need some inspiration, Nike has created a super convenient page with a gift guide for women. Makes your life even easier right, check it out! Or forward it to the hubba hubba or your BFFF 😉 

3 outfits from the new sportswear collection

Spring is knocking on our doorstep slowly but steadily and we are already here with the new sportswear collection for this beautiful spring. The #FITGIRLCODE Team has selected 3 outfits for running, yoga and cross-training for you to check out and get inspired by! The clothing selected is more playful and spring-like, so that it would fit the weather outside and your mood.

3 outfits from the new sportswear collection:


1. Running

Run Light Jacket by Stella McCartney

This great floral jacket designed by Stella McCartney, really is great for running not just to protect you from the wind but to show off your style! It’s subtle yet playful and that’s what makes it stand out.




Reebok running bra


Reebok ONE Series Bra

Simple black ONE series Reebok bra is comfortable and easy to wear when running. The print on the top makes it more lively yet keeping it simple and to the point.





Nike UK leggings1


Nike flash

Your superpower is running fast as a lightning? These Nike Flash leggings will truly make you stand out, out of all the runners and will give you confidence juice to outstand everyone around you and beat that record of yours!



Nike NL sneakers


Nike Free Flyknit iD

Want something fashionable yet unique? These sneakers will bring some sunshine into your outfit and yet it depends on you how unique you will make your future-to-be shoes. Subtly colourful as a rainbow and comfortable as a couch on a Friday night.

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Anna’s Favourite WorkOutfit

Isn’t sports apparel the best way to motivate yourself in the gym? Especially when you lost your mojo for some reason, it always helps to spoil yourself with a stylish new sportoutfit. Isn’t it half the battle if you start your workout wearing something you feel awesome in? Today I’ll share one of my favourite WorkOutfits. I hope you get inspired!



Shoes Reebok Nano: What I like best about this shoe is that the sole provides grip on a variety of surfaces, which is ideal for CrossFit training.

Tight Reebok Cardio Ultra: The mesh surfaces in this legging don’t just look stylish, it also conducts heat to keep your skin cool and dry. Ideal if you prefere long tights and want to stay cool at the same time.

Jacket Reversible Jacket Colourful Leopard Jogha: This jacket has a water resistant exterior and a moisture management interior. This makes the jacket very suitable for running, which I do a lot lately. If you don’t feel like being a Colour Leopard, you can turn it inside for a more sophisticated look. I’ll show it to you in my next look.

Check out my second outfit on the next page!

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Fashion: Cozy Yoga Time

Hi Girls! It’s getting colder and the days are getting shorter. For most girls this is the time where we switch some of our nice sunny outdoor workouts for cozy indoor activities. Personally I love doing yoga in the winter, because it keeps my muscles long and warm. It’s one of the best ways to prevent injuries! Also, it’s a really good excuse to check out the latest Fall & Winter yoga collections. I picked my personal favorites to show you today for some cozy yoga time!



Beanie here, done that

When you hit that fresh cold air after a yoga lesson, make sure to keep your head warm with our  cool beanies, available in black and grey!





Victory Define Sports Bra (Nike)

What a gorgeous colour, right? I love this sports bra for yoga, because of the low neckline. It matches perfectly with any flowy yoga top. The racerback will provide the support you need.

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