Did you know that 2016 will be the year of eating breakfast 24/7? Roos has collected the hottest food trends for this year. Which trend makes you feel hungry? As a true foodie I always try to stay updated when it comes to food trends. Do you want to sound like you really know your stuff? Today I present to you this list of 10 of the up and coming trends to watch out for in 2016.

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The top 10 food trends of 2016


1. Poké

This dish flew over from Hawaï to America and it’s getting quite popular in The Netherlands as well. But still there are a lot of people that aren’t familiar with Poké. Well, Poké is actually a small bowl of chopped fresh fish. It’s very healthy and delicious. The perfect dish for each and every Fit Girl. The Poké restaurants are popping up at every corner in America. I’m very curious to see how this will evolve in other countries this year!

2. No-waste

Wasting food is a huge problem and people are getting more and more conscious. Yay! A lot of chefs also try to fight food waste in different ways. Leftovers are put in doggy bags after the guests enjoyed their meals. Some chefs also use the food that is usually thrown away for new kinds of recipes.

3. Bread

Bread won’t be banned from the shopping lists in 2016. And even for the people who eat gluten-free or low-carb there is enough to choose from. Flatbreads and bagels are popping up on each and every menu. So, bread lovers, 2016 will be your year!

4. Beans

Beans are very healthy. America has even proclaired 2016 to be the year of the bean. I’m not even kidding. This because they are healthy and eco-friendly. That’s why we advise you to eat them at least once a week. They fit perfectly into a Fit Girl’s diet because they contain a lot of fibre and barely any carbs. They’re healthy, eco friendly and cheap. Awesome!

5. Seaweed

Move over kale. Seaweed is the next big thing. And I’m not talking about those black sheets that are used for sushi. Nope, I’m talking about the most natural form of seaweed. It contains a lot of anti-oxidants, iodine and fibres. And bacon lovers, hear this: people are currently producing seaweed that tastes like bacon. Sign me up, please.

6. ‘Eating out’ inside

There are numerous kinds of websites on which you can order delicious meals and food you would have at a restaurant and have it delivered to your door. ‘Deliveroo’ even delivers food on bikes. So this is a very eco-friendly option when you feel like ordering a meal. This company offers this food delivery service in both The Netherlands and the UK at the moment. Let’s hope they’ll be available in even more countries soon!

7. Less meat

Trend watchers expect that 2016 will be the year in which people will eat less meat. We are all become more conscious about the environment and our own health. And as you probably will now, the meat industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Hopefully this trend will continue to grow in the upcoming years. I always try to use as little meat as possible in my recipes.

8. Food halls

Street-food will be available in more spots than just on the street or at food festivals. ‘The Foodhallen’ in Amsterdam are very popular and it’s always really busy there. You can choose from an enormous range of small bites. And because of these small portions, you’re able to taste even more yummy food. Hopefully restaurants will be inspired by this trend as well. I’m very curious to see how this trend will continue this year.

9. Breakfast 24 hours a day

Eating your favourite brekkie 24 hours a day. Sounds good, right? I personally believe that ‘breakfast‘ isn’t only suitable to eat in the mornings. I love to eat a bowl of yoghurt with fruit and nuts for lunch sometimes. And for dinner I sometimes even eat an omelette with avocado and salmon. Last year and this year a lot of restaurants even sell breakfast the entire day. I love it!

10. Fermented food

This trend actually also belongs to 2015. But this year will still be all about fermented food. But what does this even mean? Fermenting food means that bacteria and fungi are used to prepare food. This doesn’t sound delicious at all but believe me, it can be! Sauerkraut, for example, is a fermented product. It might sound a bit weird but you should try it. I’m very curious about how this trend might catch on.

2016 will bring us a lot of very yummy food. I think this top 10 is very interesting! What trend do you like best? 

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