Tips for a fallproof breakfast

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While summer is the ideal season for smoothie breakfasts, you might feel like eating something warm during fall. Your blender could take a break for a while because we at #FITGIRLCODE share the ultimate tips to create your fallproof breakfast.

Gingerbread and cookies

To spice up your oats you could top it off with some gingerbread. It won’t get any more fallproof. If you’re not a big fan of toppings you could also just add a bit of gingerbread spices. These also taste great combined with coffee or hot milk. You can get these spices at almost every local supermarket.

Baked apple

Try to add a baked apple to your breakfast. Top it off with some cinnamon et voila, there is your apple pie breakfast. You can bake the slices of the apple for about 10 minutes in a layer of oil or butter. It goes very well with oats/pancakes/quark.

Go nuts

You can defenitely make your breakfast fallproof by adding some nuts. Walnuts and chestnuts are typical autumn nuts. Chestnuts are quite big but you can easily chop them into smaller bits to use as a topping. You could add these nuts to your homemade granola or just mix them with yoghurt.


We could definitely say that pumpkin is a favourite when it comes to typical fall snacks. I absolutely love pumpkinsoup and pumpkin humous. But did you know that you could add it to your breakfast? You could add some pumpkin puree to your pancake mix or oats. It gives your meal just the sweet touch it needs.

How do you make your breakfast fallproof?