Tips and tricks to drink more water

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Drinking water sounds quite easy but drinking enough water can be quite a challenge. You should definitely try too simply because there are many benefits that happen when you drink enough water. Besides keeping you from becoming dehydrated, there are multiple reasons why drinking enough water is important. I've listed a few for you! 

  • Water helps to maintain the balance of body fluids
  • Water helps to energize muscles
  •  Water helps to keep your skin looking good, glowing and shiny
  • Water helps your kidneys

We probably all know that drinking water is good for us. But let's be honest, do you really drink over 2L each and every day? Well, I don't. Here are some tips that might make you drink that extra bottle of water.

Add a flavor

Water is plain, so you can add almost any flavor to it! For example, fruit (berries, orange, lemon, pomegranate or watermelon), veggies (cucumber, celery) or herbs (mint, lavender, cinnamon, vanilla). It will give a little extra boost to your ‘regular’ water. If you're really into regularly flavoring your water, then you can get an infusion/infuser bottle. There are special water bottles for sale with a compartment for fruits, veggies or herbs!

Try an app

There are multiple apps available that will help you to manage your water intake. For example ‘ Water Your Body’ or 'Waterlogged’. These will keep track of how much water you drank and can set alarms when it's time to drink. If you don’t want to use an app, you can also set some alarms yourself on your phone that will remind you to drink a glass of water. Or two.

Keep it close

When you have a bottle or a bidon within reach, you are more likely to drink from it. Walk with a water bottle everywhere!

Be prepared

Whether you are on the road, going out for shopping or are planning on anything that will take a few hours: always make sure to bring your own bottle of water.

DIY remind-bottle & a Straw

Get a shaker bottle or a see through bottle that you can write on. Write down the lines and times when you need to drink. This will keep your goals literally in sight all day long. On top of that, drinking from a straw usually makes you end up drinking more and faster.

Eat water-based foods

This does not really count as ‘drinking’ but it does get you re-hydrated. Foods like cucumber, green salads, grapefruit and watermelon are known for being high in water content. About 20% of our fluid intake comes from foods, so go ahead and eat some water!

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