6 Tips for your first time doing Hot Yoga

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If you've read last week's post about my first Hot Yoga class, then you know that I had absolutely no idea how to prepare for it. While it turned out pretty awesome in the end, I know it can be scary for people to try something completely new. To ensure that you don't need to deal with those nerves, I'm back with some tips that I wish were shared with me when it was my first time doing Hot Yoga. 

Bring a water bottle

Lets start with the simple one. Do not, I repeat, do not forget your water bottle. The temperature in the room is quite hot, and you will sweat profusely. You should avoid chugging the water in large amounts, no matter how tempting this may be. I'm afraid having a stomach full of water isn't very conducive to stretching and bending. Instead, take small sips of your water during the class when necessary (it will be).first time doing hot yoga

Bring gloves

If you know that you sweat a lot during your workouts, then it might be a good idea to bring some gloves just in case. Your gloves should have a strong grip on them. Sweaty hands can lead to you slipping on the yoga mat and can potentially be dangerous. I actually had a little slip on the mat during my first time doing hot yoga, so it really happens. I thankfully caught myself before I fell in case you were wondering!

Multiple towels come in handy

Pretty related to the tip above, multiple towels are a way to deal with all the sweat that will be going on. You should bring one big towel to cover your entire yoga mat to help with slipping and absorbing your sweat. You can have another towel for drying yourself off periodically. You shouldn't use this one too much, since it's actually the evaporation of the sweat from your skin that helps relieve the heat in your body. But if your sweat is dripping into your eyes, then it's fine to wipe it off!

It's okay to take breaks

This one is pretty important. Only you know the limits of your body. So there is absolutely no shame in taking a break and going into child's pose when necessary. Recenter yourself, take a few breaths and then join the group whenever you're ready. This is your first class, there is no way you'll be able to keep up or even do everything! Hot Yoga can be pretty intense, so don't listen to your ego, instead listen to your body and how you feel.

Hydrate & Re-hydrate

During the day, you should ensure that you drink a good amount of water. Just add an extra bottle to your daily routine than you usually do. You will lose a lot of water during the class, so it's a good idea to have a little extra going into it. But don't drink too close to the time you're entering the class, since you wouldn't want to have to leave the room to address your bladder. After the class, be sure to re-hydrate! Drink actual water, and other drinks like coconut water and ones containing electrolytes are recommended.

Dress: light, breathable and flexible

You can wear whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. Regular cotton clothes will keep all that sweat and feel very heavy against you. Instead, opt for clothes that absorb moisture well and that you can breathe in. If this is just a sports bra and shorts, go for it. If it's a tank top and capri leggings, then so be it. You want to ensure that you're able to move as freely as possible, especially if it's your first time doing hot yoga.

Did I miss any tips? If you try out hot yoga, I'm curious to hear how it went for you, so comment and let me know!