My First Hot Yoga Class

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Last week I attended my first Hot Yoga class ever and thought it would be good to share my first experience with you - our #FITGIRLCODE readers.

First essentials before going to a hot yoga class in my opinion is clothing. I do not sweat much when exercising, but when I do, I prefer to sweat gracefully ;) This means wearing quick dry clothing only. Work out gear doesn't have to cost much, I usually find my brand gear on sale and shops like Mango, H&M and Primark also have affordable sports clothing. But please do check out the Jogha Booty Shorts or the Jogha Loose Shorts and combine it with the Jogha Bra's or Jogha Tank Tops.

(Yoga) Mat
Imagining that I would sweat (a lot), I definitely brought my own yoga mat to my first hot yoga session. I remember going to yoga classes using the mats offered by the studio (which is great by the way!) but I tend to lose my focus realizing people before me were sweating on the mat I was on and folding it back in the cupboard afterwards without cleaning it - yuk! Soooo... bringing my own mat was my second important thing. Go see if the funky printed Yoga mats from Jogha are to your liking! Ethnic Change is definitely my favourite!! :D

Yoga Studio
In short, finding a yoga studio and a teacher to your liking is..... a journey. I have been to quite a few classes - mostly Power and Vinyasa Yoga and I think I started with Hatha yoga in my early twenties - and was guided by different teachers, which to me is the best way to experience the various types of Yoga Asanas (= a sequence of postures within a Yoga practice). Humans by nature are curious creatures and always eager to learn. That's why I love to experience the teaching of various teachers. But, if you clearly have found your teacher/student match, then stick to him or her! (..and go separate ways at a later stage in your life ;))

My First Hot Yoga Experience
From now on I can say that I've had my first experience with Hot Yoga at Balanzs (The Hague) - to me, a new studio with new faces, new voices and new energies. After parking the car nearby, the registration which you need to do the first time, took only a few minutes and I was pointed to the ladies changing room and the studio soon after. Briefly asking my two fellow yoginis what's best to wear and if I would need my towel in the studio ('oh yeah, you really need your towel' they chuckled) I couldn't wait to roll out my mat.
Entering the studio the room Oh dear, immediately the thought of me possibly fainting during my practice as I have low blood pressure a slight panic struck me...until I reassured myself and started to focus on my breathing instead of my mind. (Check my article for breathing techniques in How To Stay Focused)
This new voice guided me through the asanas and gently pushed me into a deeper stretch when I needed to. The sweat was dripping off my face and other parts of my body - I don't smell, so no need to feel grossed out now ;) - and this just felt really awesome! Again, for someone who never sweats when exercising this new experience was a very welcoming one. Plus I did not faint!

Our teacher let us focus on "Gratitude" during her class. She did this by guiding us through feeling grateful. And with this I can say: I AM GRATEFUL. Grateful for the little things. Grateful for giving, sharing, loving and caring - NamastéRead more about Hot Yoga here and more about the benefits of Yoga here.

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