Sporty Chique

If you spend a lot of time in the gym, your sports clothes become just as important as your ‘normal clothes’. You don’t want to be seen in the same outfit everytime you’re doing your workout. Moreover, new sports clothes are a good motivation to keep you going when you’re in a fit dip. 


Nowadays, you see a lot of sports clothes and sneakers outside of the gym. According to us, this is a really good development! Don’t get us wrong, we love high heels and a beautiful dress, but sometimes you just don’t feel like wearing all of those clothes. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should wear your worn out jogging pants with some flipflops and white socks. There are the most beautiful alternatives that feel just as comfortable. The sporty chique trend is now reaching its highest levels. Even on the catwalk you’ll see that outfits are more often combined with sneakers and models are wearing the most fashionable leggings. It looks like the fashion world is getting more and more acceptable towards the always-on-the-go woman and we think this is a nice development! Honestly, can you go back and forth for a whole day on heals? We think it’s physically impossible.


Nowadays, you can go grocery shopping or drink a cup of coffee with your friends in a bar in your fashionable sports clothes. Of course, don’t fool yourself by only socializing in your sports outfit. Wear these leggings during a killer workout as well. If you feel good in what you wear, you can truly shine in what you’re doing!

Be sure to go to our webshop, because there are no shipping costs! Every order over 75 EUR in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany won’t have any shipping costs. Also every order over 150 EUR worldwide will also have no shipping costs. YAY! Be sure to order quick so you’ll have your goodies before xmas!


Get a free #FITGIRLCODE beanie!

We’re having a party, because only till 9th December 23.59 CET you get a free beanie with every purchase over 50 EUR! YAY! This goes for #FITGIRLCODE gear as well as Jogha clothes! Let’s get shopping! 

Get a free #FITGIRLCODE beanie!

Print Jacket

Jackets are perfect for cold weather! The best thing about this jacket is that you can wear it inside out. If you don’t feel like wearing a print, you can always wear a black jacket. This jacket shows you the true meaning of multifunctional.






Gym Bra

If you are going for a workout in the gym and want to feel fashionable and comfortable, this gym bra is perfect for you. Combine it with a long tights or a muscle tee and show your strength!








Hoodie Yoga Comfy

Doing some yoga poses can be really relaxing after or before a stressful day. But some days drinking wine in yoga pants sounds like a way better idea. Go pour yourself a glass (or two)!





Long Sleeve

When it’s summer you easily go for a tank top or a T-shirt. Because the winter is much colder, you can go for a long sleeve. Nice and warm. Plus, this nice color will pimp up every outfit!




Fashion: Cozy Yoga Time

Hi Girls! It’s getting colder and the days are getting shorter. For most girls this is the time where we switch some of our nice sunny outdoor workouts for cozy indoor activities. Personally I love doing yoga in the winter, because it keeps my muscles long and warm. It’s one of the best ways to prevent injuries! Also, it’s a really good excuse to check out the latest Fall & Winter yoga collections. I picked my personal favorites to show you today for some cozy yoga time!



Beanie here, done that

When you hit that fresh cold air after a yoga lesson, make sure to keep your head warm with our  cool beanies, available in black and grey!





Victory Define Sports Bra (Nike)

What a gorgeous colour, right? I love this sports bra for yoga, because of the low neckline. It matches perfectly with any flowy yoga top. The racerback will provide the support you need.

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Top 6 printed t-shirts

The printed shirt has slowly made its way into our lives and wardrobes and because it’s so versatile it’s so hard to say goodbye to it! Preferred in black or white, this garment will make your outfit stand out in the crowd! Check out our top 6 printed t-shirts to make a statement with this fall! 

1. Colorful Rebel Amsterdam’s t-shirts

For little rebels like you!



2. 90’s kid Tee

Because those were the good ol’ days with Nintendo and scrunchies and light-up sneakers you secretly miss!

nineties kid

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MIPACHA giveaway

Enter the MIPACHA giveaway! Every week you can win a pair of your very own, very special MIPACHA shoes to show to world! Here’s what you need to know!


These very creative and unique shoes come from far, far away, from the land of Cuzco in Peru, where MIPACHA was founded. They are carefully handmade by locals and inspired by the stunning landscapes and vibrant culture of Peru. Each pair of MIPACHA shoes tells it’s own story, through its colors and symbolic motifs of the local textiles.

MIPACHA shoes are made with local Peruvian textiles and materials, handmade in Peru by passionate and skilled craftspeople. Throughout the creation of MIPACHA footwear, everyone maintains western-standard working conditions, and a minimum of 10% of our profit is used to develop and support projects for the people and communities of Cuzco.



What does MIPACHA stand for?

The name, meaning ‘my world’ in Quechua and their logo are inspired by an ancient Inca belief that Cuzco (where the shoes are made) is the center of the world. By stepping in these shoes, you make it your world.


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Behind the #FITGIRLCODE scenes

Hi Fit Girls! The legendary moment has arrived for me to write a piece of text for this amazing platform! Although some of you might have encountered a personal note attached to their webshop order(s) signed by ‘Fit Girl Danique’, many of you probably do not have a clue who I am and how I take part in the #FITGIRLCODE crew.

I met Aranka during the final weeks of my Master studies and became enthusiastic because of her entrepreneurial spirit and her passion for sports and fashion. Coming from an entrepreneurial family myself and sharing the very same passions in life I decided I wanted to be part of the #FITGIRLCODE team. In the midst of summer I began a new adventure at #FITGIRLCODE and became responsible for setting up and launching the brand new #FITGIRLCODE webshop.

The webshop launched… And, my goodness, we have been overwhelmed by your amazing support! The orders kept coming in and it was hectic for the team to keep up, but I’m proud to say we have managed. The webshop is running steady these days and we’re receiving e-mails and orders from all around the world. It is great to see that the #FITGIRLCODE spirit is spreading across the globe, and, as I always put it: we’re getting closer and closer to world domination!

Of course I’m more than happy to hear from you girls (and potential Fit Guy boyfriends) what you like about the webshop, but especially what you would like to see in the future and what we should work on. So at all times, feel free to send a e-mail to and let me know!



Top 5 Sporty Musthaves for Fall

Some of the Fit Girls got together and made a short list of the Top 5 sporty musthaves for fall, especially for you fit chicks reading this! We sat down and debated, eventually coming up with these items to brighten you up during this transitional season and keep you warm in the process! 


1. Nike tech butterfly hoodie


This asymmetric, comfy fleece hoodie is at the top of our (wish)list! It’s gonna keep you warm in the windy autumn days, but also going to look stylish no matter what. You can even choose from more colour options here.


Nike tech butterfly



2. Adidas yoga mat by Stella McCartney


Whether you’re already taking yoga classes or not (this is a good reason to start), a mat in a bright cheerful colour might just be what you need to keep up your good spirit! Gloomy days get brighter with a good session and a pop of colour, so get motivated, get balanced and get your yoga on.


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Fit Girls love Nike SALE

Well, chicks just love sale in general… Us Fit Girls love Nike SALE, because that’s just how we are. We’ve searched, and drooled over the nike website and finally picked out favourite pieces for a well deserved shopping haul! We deserve to spoil ourselves now and then, don’t we? 

Because we don’t want to be biased and just highlight the shoes (‘shoe love is true love’), all the girls in the office chose one item from the Nike SALE  and they are telling you why it’s the next thing on their shopping list! We probably won’t stop at just one item, but who’s to judge? Fit chicks will be fit chicks…


Fit Girls love Nike SALE

1.  Fitgirl Nathalie loves prints & these tights are wild! She loves them because she can mix and match them with many other items already in her closet. First choice is an oversized black top and some statement sneakers – She trains like a tiger!
NIKE tiger


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Fashionable Fitbit Collection by Tory Burch

Us Fit Girls, like to keep track of our progress as best as we can and there are several ways and gadgets to help us do that. There’s the Nike FuelBand, the Samsung GearFit, the Fitbit, the jawbone and so on…. Another thing they have in common, besides counting calories and telling the time is that they are plain dull and some quite …ehmm…ugly. Fortunately, there’s now a fashionable Fitbit collection by Tory Burch out on the market and it looks pretty cute! 


Fitbit goes fash

This is how the Fitbit wristbands looked like before Tory decided to give them a fashionable upgrade. The thing with these types of bands is that they tend to have this cheap feel to them (even though they are obviously not), they are dull and unattractive and just don’t complete the look unless you’re sweating at the gym or out for a run! Since you can essentially plug the actual measuring device from one band to another, why not give it a better look?




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Summer wear: Playsuits

Last minute vacation to Aruba. And I totally was not prepared at all. The weather has been so different that I have my winter and my summer clothes hanging together in my closet. It was only then when I realised that I do not have that much beachwear at all! 

There is this little cute store in Rotterdam called “Imagine by Kim”. I came there the day before my flight and I wanted to have something classy for a night out, something easy to wear and something for the beach. I found this amazing playsuit a.k.a. romper. I could use it for all three purposes: classy, easy to wear and also wearable on the beach! This is the first time I bought a playsuit and I kinda fell in love with it. They are so easy and the only thing you have to do is add the right accessories. Since then, I’ve been looking like crazy for more cute playsuits – here is a selection of my faves.

Shopping time!





This tropical playsuit can go to any sunny destination! Wear it with your flipflops or wedgeheels. This would have been perfect in Aruba!







This one is still cute in the fall or on a lazy late summer night.. I really love this one. Must. Have. It.






Oh my, this might be my favorite. I bought one quite similar actually! This can be worn all summer long, but also afterwards when you go out for a party or drinks. Love it!







And here is mine! What do you think? I am a big fan of playsuits, the only downside to them is that you have to get half naked  if you want to go to the bathroom 😉



You guys made the sweater!

A little while ago we asked you guys which sweater we should make next. Almost all of you wanted both and hey, maybe we’ll just do that. But for now the majority of you voted for the awesome  I Am Sorry For What I Said When I was Hungry. YAY! So here it is, specially made for all you Fit Girls worldwide. Hope you’re as happy as we are! 



Fit Girl Nathalie:” I love the ‘I Am Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry’ quote. It’s totally applicable to my life since I sometimes can turn into a real hangry bitch when I’m hungry. I think many girls can relate to this. And we have some good news for you, this awesome sweater is now available in the webshop!”



Tank Top Time WIT


Fit Girl Anna: “I think ‘No Pants Are The Best Pants’ is the best quote ever. I love it when you get back home from work, get rid of those thight pants and just relax on your couch. That’s why this quote totally fits my lifestyle when I am home alone…I like to run around naked 🙂 ”


Tote Mermaid ZWART (2)



Fit Girl Bella: “I believe that ‘Reasons To Be A Mermaid: No Thigh Gap, No Pants, Free Clam Bra’ is the perfect quote, because, you know, who doesn’t want to be a mermaid and have all of those privileges? That’s why I also have the Mermaid tote in my collection of bags.




Fit Girl Danique: “My favorite quote is ‘My Abs Are Like My Boyfriend, I Don’t Have A Boyfriend.’ I don’t have abs and I don’t have a boyfriend, that’s why I think this quote is hilarious. I’m working die hard on my abs though;)! And some more good news, we’re going to have this quote printed on one of our new tank tops soon!


Now that we have shown you our favorite quote, we would really like to know if you have one! Let us know in the comment section!  

Shop the Casual Friday look

Wanna know where to find these awesome clothes that Aranka is wearing in the photos of Glamour? Find out here! You can pull off these outfits anytime, but if your office is a bit more formal, try and see if you can convince your boss to implement Casual Friday. Click on the link to see the clothing items and shop the look!


Maxi skirt || Pink blazer || Nike Roshe || #FITGIRLCODE tote bag


White blazer || #FITGIRLCODE crop top || Boyfriend Jeans || Nike Air Force || Bag


Black blazer || Black jeans || Nike Zoom Pegasus || Bag

Which one of these outfits is your favorite? 

Rock your world!

Since we’ll be running on Rock & Run, we have to look rockalicious! During our run, but especially after our run when we’ll be enjoying awesome music (such as Memphis Maniacs, BL3NDER and Weslo!). But how do you transform yourself into a rockchick while you have to run and party at the same time? Well, we’ve tried to figure out something that you will hopefully like!




Let’s start with the basics. The best way to make you a true rocker girl is to get some basic items that you can easily transform into a rock outfit. The best way to do this is a black running pants (black = a true rock color and you can combine this color with almost everything).





Of course, you can’t go running without a shirt on. So what to do next? Find a shirt (well, that was kind of obvious). But what kind of shirt? We at #FITGIRLCODE are going to wear one of our #FITGIRLCODE shirts, because you have the chance to spot us and win an awesome prize.






Next step

Now that we’re done with the basics, it’s time for the next step to pimp up your running gear. When you’re done, you don’t want to change your clothes all out in the open. And you don’t have to with these tips! Find a checked blouse to get that old American look and wrap it around your waist. This will bring you one step closer to becoming a rock chick.





Alright, let’s move onto the shoes. You can change your shoes very easily. You don’t need a changing room, so that’s a perk. If you want some kind of tough outfit, go for some rocking boots.




That little extra

To make the look exquisite and absolutely rockalicious wear a head bandana. This will make you an ultimate rock chick (think about music videos from the 80s, all girls wear bandanas!). For tips on how to wear a bandana and do some awesome make-up (I would go for the cat eye look) check out our Pinterest page on hair & make-up!





Last but not least, don’t forget the bling that makes you sing! A rock chick has to have some jewelry of course, especially knuckle rings and a beautiful necklace. These awesome items will make your outfit ready to rock everybody’s socks off.


Are you getting down for this amazing event? Buy your tickets here and let the rock ‘n roll begin.



Shop the Thursday look

It’s Thursday, meaning that it’s almost weekend! Ok, two days to go, but still, we’re already past the half of the week. Of course the weekend means that you can finally relax a little and do things you haven’t had time for during the week, but even better, you have some time to work out. Time to shop some pretty workout gear! I have lined up some of my favorites from The Hut for you. 




Shades of Red

This running shirt from Nike has the perfect shade in between red and pink. With its flat seams you won’t get bothered by irritation or chafing – sounds good, doesn’t it? I definitely love this one!







Badass Black

This short from Nike looks pretty badass to me. And the best thing about it is that it is on SALE! Get it now while you still can so you can shine in the gym or on the tracks.






Pretty in Pink

Ok, I know I have already talked about these in my other article, but I seriously keep coming back to them. Hmm, maybe I should just get them already…




Elegantly Black

This sports bra is so cute! All my sports bras are always in the laundry basket, I really need to get some more so I won’t have this problem over and over again. This one from Lija might be the next addition to my workout wardrobe!



Tote Original ZWART (1)




Well, I don’t need to explain where this one is from, do I? Our very own Original Bag suits any outfit perfectly!




Which one is your favorite?

Sticker contest time! Win a #FITGIRLCODE goodiebag!

STICKER CONTEST! Oh yes, we have #FITGIRLCODE stickers! And we’d love to see you stick them  in the most original and creative way on your favorite items and in cool places! That’s why we made a contest… The prize? A #FITGIRLCODE goodiebag. Can this even get more awesome?


How does the contest work?

  • Get 2 #FITGIRLCODE stickers for FREE with your order, or get them for only 2 EUR (incl. shipping costs) at our webshop.
  • Stick that sticker! Stick it on an object or in a cool place in the most creative, original and funny way you can think of. You get to stick two of these babies so choose your targets wisely! Every person counts as one entry.
  • Take a good picture and post it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the hashtags #fitgirlstickers and #fitgirlcode. Tell us why you chose to put your sticker there and maybe you’ll be the proud new owner of a #FITGIRLCODE goodiebag!


Every two months we will pick the most original Fit Girl as the winner, so the next winner will be chosen at the end of November 2014. So stick your sticker in the most creative and original way and maybe you’ll be one of the winners!

Happy sticking!



#FITGIRLCODE founders have something to tell you…

When I started #FITGIRLCODE in February this year and asked Chris to join me, the only goal we had was to have fun, work out together and post a lot of pictures on Instagram. The account was meant for our own motivation and we started posting regularly. Now 6 months later, we have a team of 15 bloggers and are reaching over 100.000 women worldwide on all channels. It’s safe to say, we are doing something right!

The community

#FITGIRLCODE would not be what it is today if it wasn’t for you! You helped build the platform by giving us feedback, motivation and your honest opinion. You also were very helpful and understanding when our site crashed yet again after the 100th time…SOWWEY!

The Shop

When we had our first #fitgirlgoodies giveaway, you’re responses were amazing! Everybody kept asking us for the bags and the tees. Everybody wanted to be a Fit Girl and we loved that! We wanted to make everybody happy and give everybody the chance to be a Fit Girl and represent what #FITGIRLCODE stands for. So especially for you Fit Girls all over the world, we’re SO PROUD to announce today that our webshop is finally live!



Schermafbeelding 2014-08-12 om 16.30.56

With the earnings from our shop we will save up to build a new and better website. We will also expand the shop with products you Fit Girls want us to sell. So if you want #FITGIRLCODE jogging pants? We will make sure to make them for you! So please let us know what you think of our shop and what you would love to see more of! 

Thank you sweet Fit Girls!


The good and the badass

And the lucky winner of the FRENDS giveaway is….

Emily! Congratulations Emily, you and your sister are the lucky winners of the FRENDS giveaway! We were inspired by your story and hope you’ll enjoy the headphones.  

Didn’t win? Don’t worry! There are many other headphones or earplugs! We have found some headphones that you might like as well including the FRENDS headphones of course. It might be good to know that there are several options to choose from: headphones, earphones (buds), and wireless headphones. It’s always good to find out which headphones are the more appropriate for the type of body movement you’re engaged in and which ones will feel and look better. In short, how can you chose the best ones for you?


ella b in ear

Not the winner? But still wanting the headphones from FRENDS? This is the Ella B in-ear headphone. Simple and beautiful.


dr beat


If your ears are really small, you can get annoyed with wearing earphones because they tend to fall out. For this reason you can try out these headphones that won’t fall off your head when you’re exercising. A plus is also that this headphone doesn’t have any wires that you can get tangled up in.




Because we are build differently, it’s very important to look for a pair of earphones that best fit our needs (and ears) and to get the best out of our music and workouts!  Since you can’t really try these things on in the store, always go for a set of earphones that includes several pairs of rubber adaptors of different sizes.




If you feel like you need more support, you can also try these earbuds for more support if you feel like that earplugs are always falling out with other earphone models.




Did you find these suggestions useful? Are you a proud owner of any of these gears and have some feedback for us? What kind of head/ear phones are you currently using?


*We have contacted the winner


Fashionable to Boothstock Festival!

Do you remember when we told you that the #FITGIRLCODE crew is going to be at Boothstock festival? And that we are going to sell our awesome #FITGIRLCODE bags at Boothstock festival? And that you can buy your ticket HERE for Boothstock festival? No?  Well, now I’ve just reminded you ;).

Days before I’m leaving for a festival, I’m always thinking (probably most of the times overthinking) about what I’m going to wear. In case you have the same problem, I’ve selected some very cool items for you just in case you don’t know what to wear or if you just feel like shopping (don’t we always feel like shopping btw? ;))





When I’m going to a festival on a very hot day, I prefer my clothes to be breezy. In this way, I’m not getting too hot. I believe this skirt is perfect for that. This flowers on the skirt give the skirt a festival kinda look.





Black T-shirt

I LOVE THIS SHIRT. I already asked it for my birthday. I think the text is hilarious (plus, who doesn’t love vodka?;)). This tee is also very festival like, because it’s a no sleeve, cool text, rocky shirt.






Crop top

In case you want to show off your abs that you got from our 30 day ab challenge or just want to wear a crop top because it’s fun (I don’t have abs so I usually go for the last option) you can wear this crop top with an awesome print to the Boothstock festival.






During the night it can become cold. Therefore, it’s always easy to get yourself a sweater, because it will keep you warm.







If it’s not too hot outside and you’re going to a festival, you might try out this blazer. It will keep you warm, but you still look fashionable because you’re wearing a blazer instead of a coat. AND this blazer has polkadots on it which makes it festival proof.


What is your favorite festival outfit? And don’t forget to buy your ticket for Boothstock festival in order to see us!

Say hello to Adidas’ Originals Orchid Collection!

Adidas has launched a small new collection: the Originals Orchid Collection. The line exists of some easy and casual clothing that is covered with orchid flowers. This touch give the clothes a feminine look. Personally, I like this collection, because I like the fact that you can combine elements of sports clothes with a casual outfit. That’s why I wanted to show you this collection of Adidas with only six items.




In their new line Adidas has incorporated a crop top with their logo in an orchid print.I think you can combine this shirt perfectly with a high-waisted jeans. This will make it absolutely fashionable.







I am a fan of shorts and especially shorts that have a special print on them. This item is my favorite item of the Originals Orchid Collection.







I think this is the best example of the Adidas Originals Orchid Collection in which a sporty item has been made into something feminine without it being girly. This top still looks tough.







Wouldn’t this jacket look awesome if you combine it with a black skinny jeans, some high heels (or fashionable sneakers), a white t-shirt, and a subtle necklace? I think it would look awesome!






I don’t know why this is is the case, but I just don’t like this t-shirt. It’s kind of weird because I like the tank top. Maybe this is a little bit too much for me? Or maybe I’m just not a big fan of this type of t-shirt.






This is the last item of the Orginals Orchid Collection and I love it! I am a huge fan of pants with prints on it and I possess many of them. This pants would be a perfect contribution to my wardrobe.





What do you think of Adidas’ Originals Orchid Collection? Yay or nay?

Last chance to win the FRENDS goodies!

UPDATE: the contest is now closed and we ‘re going to read aaaaallll your comments to select a winner. Stay tuned!


The FRENDS giveaway ends tomorrow, so don’t miss your chance to win these awesome goodies! The Layla headphones and Ella earbuds are worth €220,- and you can win BOTH for you and your BFFF! Yes, that’s right, the winner gets two prizes! So go enter the contest now before it’s too late!

Because we love FRENDS and because we know you do too, we have a very special giveaway for you. We’re giving away two items so you can share the prizes with your BFFF! These headphones and earbuds are the perfect mix between fashion and function and are definitely must-haves. So what are you waiting for?! Tell us why you should win at the contest page!

Why you should participate in the FRENDS giveaway

The FRENDS goodies are just too pretty not to try to win the contest.

Think of the face of your BFFF when you surprise her with the headphone or earbuds.

You will rock the gym, streets, tracks, well basically you’ll rock any place with these babies.