So how are you holding up with your NY’s resolutions? Still going strong? Hope so. If you are a new-year-new-you kinda person, I might have some great tips regarding your health and those resolutions. If you’re not, these tips will still help you reach your goals. I promise. Because without at least some knowledge about nutrition, training, motivation, and supplementation, your New Year’s resolutions for better health in 2015 may never happen. And the year is still so young.

Make that compound count
When you begin training, keep this in mind: 80 percent of your results come from 20 percent of the causes. In other words, out of your entire exercise program, only 20 percent of the movements will produce results. Unless you’re in a very early stage of your fit journey, the other 80 percent won’t help much. Bummer.

To make the most out of your 20 percent, use compound movements. Exercise movements that require two or more muscle groups to perform at the same time (think squats, deadlifts, benchpress) are better than isolation movements (machines), which only require one muscle group. Because compound movements will give better hormonal response to building muscle than isolation movements will, you’ll always get better results with an exercise program that centers around compound movements. Ask your gym to help you with a program.

Anne dbrow2

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Winter warm up to start your work-out now

Hey girls! How y’all doing in this winter? Wherever you are, I hope you can endure the cold. If you’re struggling, I have the perfect winter warm up for you. I know a lot of people who can’t wait for spring to start but I love to see me some snow. The lucky thing with all the Model Workout videos I share with you is that we can all train along side each other, inside, while looking at the grey weather outside. 

Need a winter warm up? Look no further. 

How to stay warm without Brad Pitt holding you:

  1. First of all you need to dress up. It’s all about layers and not showing skin. When we get cold we conserve heat by reducing the blood flow to the skin. So if you want to dress sexy and all, close the door.
  2. Make sure you drink warm beverages and eat well. Get your seasonal food in, like stews and soups and eat regularly. Get freaky on the herbal hot drinks, those will get everything going!
  3. Working out, yes even outside, will give you a rush of endorphins which boosts your mood. Besides that, exercising gets your blood pumping, which results in being warm of course.

Working out in winter will make you the hottest girl in town, so to get you started here is a warm-up routine!

Train along with Marie in this video and do this workout with her in three rounds of 30 seconds workout time per exercises. Put your interval timer on 40 seconds workout time with 10 seconds break; try this for 3 rounds. Keep adding time each time you do this workout and become a pro!

For more videos check out! We have hours of workout material and we vlog about food and tips for a healthy lifestyle.


Paultje Column

YES it’s doable to run a busy life and be fit & healthy!

Fit Girl Alert! Have you been setting intentions for 2015 to make this year yours to shine? Do you really, really, really want to live healthy and look fit? New year, new you? Get up, take my hand and let’s start right now!

Artikel 1 - 11_01_2015

My name is Carolina and I fulfill my lifestyle with applying and adjusting food, fitness and fun into my own way to live healthy. Because hey! healthy equals happy! I’m just an ordinary girl with a (most probably!) recognizable profile that includes the mainstream chaos of life. I have a fulltime job as a trainee Project Manager, follow a study, own the Foodie-ness blog, adore my friends, family and social activities, manage a household and am in love with my hubby. Time is tight but YES it’s doable to run a hectic and busy life healthy and fit. As long as you have the willpower, I will provide you daily on Foodie-ness all the motivation, inspiration and fun you need to push yourself forward. Once you really want it, you can and you will make progress. Work for it and you will achieve your goals with a smile because you’re in love with the healthy new you!

Living healthy is key to a much happier life! It’s beneficial for your body and mind and I promise you now: once you see results, it will become your best addiction! But how does it work? Where do you start? Everyone’s journey to get fit is unique and requires a personal approach. Foodie-ness understands that every girl has different goals, every girl has a different starting point and every girl has a different lifestyle. That’s why Foodie-ness finds it important to offer you a platform that’s approachable, applicable and achievable for every girl.

Artikel 1 - 11_01_2015 (2)

Are you ready to make changes in 2015? Whether you’re a newbie, mommy – mommy to be, student, advanced Fit Girl or a professional athlete, Foodie-ness will offer you a bunch of epic tools that will definitely help you to strive for progression. AND: I find it important to make gym time fun time. That fit body can be made nearly everywhere, at home, outdoor or in the gym.. but always with a happy face! You’re stronger than you think, so be what you choose to become. Every month you can find new articles from Foodie-ness on the #FITGIRLCODE website, so let’s do it together. It’s gonna be fun sweeties!

Live happily ever active,
Caroline, Foodie-ness.

The world of ab creation

Dear diary, I want ABS. Now. Before we dive into the world of ab-creation and I show you around the ab-laboratory, there’s a few things you need to know. Actually, you should already know these things if you’ve read my previous articles. In case you haven’t; here’s a short summary:

First things first: forget everything you think you know about ab training

Abs are probably the most wanted “thing” people want all around the world. Well, the western world that is, since we don’t care that much about actual important stuff most of the time, but alas.

The image above shows you the anatomy of the abdominal muscles. Contrary to popular belief: your abs are actually made out of one muscle, the rectus abdominis muscle. That muscle is crossed by three fibrous bands called the tendinous inscriptions. These bands are why you abs show up as a “six pack” or an “eight pack” in some people. They also determine the shape of your abs.Have a six pack but you really want an eight pack? Forget about it.
Don’t like your odd looking left middle ab? Try finding new genes, cause there’s nothing you can do about it.

The fact you’re talking about one muscle, means you can’t train just the lower or upper abs either. It’s simply one muscle that functions as a whole, no matter where you ‘feel the burn’. You don’t see people train the upper or lower part of their bicep either, the body doesn’t work that way.

No one has gigantic abs

Take big male bodybuilders as an example, Ronnie Coleman in this case. His arms, chest, shoulders, back and legs are probably ten times the size of when he first started, but his abs aren’t. You never see people with gigantic abs popping out there shirt. When people develop muscles, they never complain about clothes being too tight around their waist because of their huge abs. Why? Because your abdominal muscles don’t have much growth potential. The same applies to most people’s forearms. They stay relatively small in most cases.
Lower growth potential means you don’t need to do as much to fulfill that potential.

If you work at a company where you can end up being a CEO and earn $15.000 a month, it’s going to take you more time and work than when you work at McDonald’s and can’t get to much more than franchise manager. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. McDonald’s is awesome.

So now what? Is ab training useful at all? It’s all about crunches, right!?

Unfortunately not. Crunches are probably one of the worst and useless exercises you can do. When people do exercises like squats or deadlifts, they know they shouldn’t round their lower back all the time. Yet, ten minutes later, they’ll do a million sit-ups, which constantly bends the spine. Not to mention the crunch + twist variety where you round + twist the spine. Trust me, your spine is going to thank you in 50 years when you can still walk properly.

The only accurate thing about Tell Sell infomercials were videos of people grabbing their lower backs after regular ab exercises. They’re not good for you. Period.

Useful ab exercises
The low growth potential your abs have are pretty much fulfilled (and more) by doing heavy squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, pull ups and other exercises that’ll do so much more for you. However, if you really want to train your abs because you somehow love it, there are a few alternatives, mostly referred to as ‘core training’.

While not all exercises might look or feel like direct ab exercises, they sure as hell work the muscles. Combine proper core training with good nutrition and you’ll definitely succeed in finding all that lost treasure we refer to as abs.

If you’re Dutch I can always help you out with personal training or online coaching.

Add some GoPro flavour to your training

Do you know about GoPro? I always thought it was for heroes just because all of the GoPro videos I watched were pretty awesome! This Christmas, Santa gave me a GoPro and my first reaction was; how am I going to use this camera. I’m such a nerd and not at all creative with a camera and video. Help! Is it possible for me to be a hero too? Who wouldn’t want to capture that kick-ass move (or workout) to show off to your fit friends? If you’re – just like me – and can’t pull off 360’s and flips on your snowboard or mountain bike, you can still create an epic video.

IMG_9102-1024x768GoPro what?
GoPro is an ‘action’ camera and a very very popular wannahave. This ultimate handy camera is perfect for active people who want to record their stunts, actions or moves. Most videos are from the extreme sports world but the GoPro world is changing ;-). With all the different kinds of accessories you attach the camera anywhere you like. On your head, helmet, snowboard, SUP, dog or wherever you would want to put it. Pretty cool, right?



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Bride on sneakers

Every little girl dreams of her special day, the white dress and marrying her knight in shining armor…yet my dream was a little different, involving Nikes and flexing in my wedding dress! Still had the knight, except he prefers to wear Under Armour over his biceps!

Taja & Shaun_195

Did you get a good view of my tricep in that photo?
On December 6, 2014, I married my best friend, my swolemate and the man who is my undying support in and out of the gym, Shawn Keasal. Of course I stressed about every little detail being perfect: the cake, the dress, the centerpieces, the music, etc. But as a Fit Girl I was a little more anal about different details like which Nikes will the bridal party wear down the aisle and did you get a good view of my tricep in that photo?

Taja & Shaun_007

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How to keep up the fit life

Hello lovely fitgirls it’s a new year, same you kinda story. Some of you start of with new resolutions whilst most of you continue the road you took somewhere in de close past.

We at Model Workout ofcourse see more people joining us in the weeks after everybody made a promise to herself that this year you will be more sporty, healthy and honest in your goals.

How to go on!
Reap what you sow! Continuing can be the most hardest thing ever. There are enough people surrounding you who have to put little effort in something and still have succes while you feel like you’re walking through drying concrete. Life is unfair, you can cry over it, you can sit in your corner being cranky or even better smother yourself in self pity. That should get you somewhere… NOT!


  • Stop your avoiding behaviour and stop letting other people do it for you.
  • Focus on your next goal.
  • Stick with your core, your original plan, your base. The tree starts with the trunk not with the leaves.
  • Willpower is something you can learn and you can get better at.
  • Know your own downfall. How about next time you trip you just get back up again instead of lying in your own puddle of misery?


Last but not least, be stretchy. Bend the situation when required. There isn’t just one way of doing something. You can get a bit more stretchy with this workout!


Train along with Ashely in this video and do this workout with her in three rounds with 30 seconds workout time per exercises. Put your interval timer on 40 seconds workout time with 10 seconds break; try this for 3 rounds.

For more videos check out! That way you can bend it like Beckham too!




Fresh Cucumber Orange Smoothie

Yay tonight it’s NYE! It’s time to party until the sun comes up. Please enjoy the evening with your beloved ones and don’t worry about drinking and eating too much. If you wake up tomorrow and feel like detoxing make sure you have a stash of this fresh cucumber orange smoothie in the fridge. This is exactly what your body needs after a little bit too much alcohol and excessive ‘oliebol’* consumption.

*for the non Dutchies: this is some sort of deep fried donut with raisins and sugar. 🙂

Fresh Cucumber Orange Smoothie

Today I’m having a cucumber smoothie with orange. I know that it’s not actually cucumber time, but who cares, it’s a rainy morning and I’m in the mood for it. This dark green fruit veggie is filled with vitamins, potassium and works diuretic. Use the cucumber with skin because this contains fiber and minerals.

Many Dutch people use this crunchy veggie in salads, but don’t know that it taste very well in smoothies. Add an orange for extra vitamin C and voila, you’ll have the perfect combination!

What you need:

  • 1 orange
  • 1/2 banana
  • 100 grams of lettuce
  • 150 grams of cucumber
  • 2 tablespoons chia seeds
  • 300 ml of water
  • Optional: 4 drops of stevia/ 1 tsp honey/ 1 tsp wheatgrass

How to make it:

Cut the vegetables and fruit into pieces and put everything in the blender and mix it together! Pour into a tall glass and enjoy your delicious and healthy Fresh Cucumber Orange Smoothie

See you next week!

Model Workout NYE warming up

Hello girls, did you all survive the Christmas festivities? Are you still alive? We at Model Workout sure did some serious eating and drinking, but no problem what so ever cause we train enough to eat what we want! I’m sure you do too. Just one big evening ahead of us which for some of you means even more eating and probably more drinking too…

New Year’s Eve!
And with that evening come all the New Year’s resolutions too. This year is going to be your year. Just like the previous ones, for that matter. This year you lose/gain weight where you want it, no more smoking, more you time, a new study or a new boyfriend. Oh hell, maybe no boyfriend. This week we are warming ourselves up for 2015!

What better way to do that than with a good Model Workout warming up! Although warm up exercises and stretching are often lumped together in discussions and sometimes occur simultaneously in dance and aerobics classes, they are two distinct principles. Both are important for an optimal workout. During warm up exercises, you are increasing your body temperature and slowly preparing your body for what is to come. When stretching, you are focusing specifically on stretching your muscles. That means you need to do a warming up before stretching too!

Model Workout NYE warming up  

Train along with Ashley in this video and do this workout with her in three rounds with 30 seconds workout time per exercises.Put your interval timer on 40 seconds workout time with 10 seconds break; try this for 3 rounds. Keep adding up while becoming a pro!

For more videos check out! We have over 4 hours of workout material and we vlog about tips on a healthy lifestyle and on food too!



Healthy Happy New Year Cheesecake

First of all: Merry Christmas to all the Fit Girls over the world! How did you spend your Christmas? Maybe you ate a little bit too much of that amazing dinner than you actually had planned, but who cares? Christmas calories don’t count! I like to keep my Christmas simple and cozy with some family and delicious foods.

Healthy Happy New Year Cheesecake


Now that those lovely Christmas days are (almost) over, it’s time to prepare for the new year! A lot of us Fit Girls have new year’s resolutions: start eating healthier, go to the gym more often or getting a six pack. And what’s better than starting your new year with a healthy, vegan and delicious cheesecake?




  • 200 g walnuts
  • 250 g dates


200 g cashews soaked for at least 4 hours

1 tbsp. coconut oil, melted

2 tbsp. agave syrup

2tbsp. lemon juice

2 medium ripe bananas

5 tbsp. natural soy yogurt

2 tbsp. cocoa powder

Go to the next page to see how it’s done!

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December. It’s one of the most coziest months of the year & probably also the month with the most parties & celebrations. Cold outside, but cozy & warm inside. Candles everywhere, the beautiful Christmas tree, warming winter food, long dinners with friends and family. Yep. I love December!


IMG_20141201_205647[1]For me December started with a kick start! On the 1th of December I heard that I could sign the contract for my new apartment and in less than a week later I moved in! There’s a lot to celebrate in my life right now so my December is full of house warming, catching up with friends, exploring the new city I live in and of course celebrating Christmas and NYE!

Unfortunately as a Health Coach, I also hear other things about the holidays. People who are stressed about the overload of food everywhere & not wanting to gain weight. Christmas dinners and NYE also could be a big stress factor. But is there anything worse than feeling stressed about what should be the most cozy and festive month of the year? I don’t think so. I want you Fit Girls to be happy during the holidays, so I want to share some tips & tricks with you!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFirst of all… Don’t be too hard on yourself. December is just one month and actually it only comes to 4 festive days. Four festive days in a whole year… It’s nothing! Of course, it wouldn’t be strange if you can’t get back on track in between Christmas and NYE, but even then we’re only talking about 1 week. One week out of 52 weeks is nothing to feel stressed about. Especially for a Fit Girl like you! If you normally workout on a regular base and have quite healthy eating habits, your body will be resilient enough to manage your bigger food intake during the holidays.



The holidays are very simple: There is plenty of food. Everywhere. If food could talk to you, you would hear “pick me, eat me!” “look at me, I’m sooo delicious” All. Day. Long. No wonder that in the end it turned out you ate more than you would eat normally! And restricting yourself from eating certain food categories won’t help you feel relaxed during the holidays. Actually restrictions probably will work like a trigger for eating too much!

Most of the time the moment that you cross the line of “good food vs. bad food”, you’re pulling the trigger for getting into a binge because in your mind “you already ruined your plan, so it all doesn’t matter anymore”. In other words: eat all the food you normally wouldn’t allow yourself to eat. When you allow yourself to eat anything you want, it’s so much easier to listen to your body and stop eating when you feel full. And most important: if you can allow yourself to eat anything you want, you won’t feel guilty afterwards! There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a little bit too much food every now and then. Just enjoy it!

When I started to eat healthier, my taste also changed over the years. Yes I like to eat chocolate, pies and meringues when it’s Christmas, but I also really appreciate a warming veggie stew or a delicious blueberry smoothie. When you create healthy eating habits on the longer term, you will see that there’s nothing to worry about during the holidays, because at some point you will have enough of all the indulging food and you just long for that refreshing green smoothie the next morning!

gezonde frietjesLast but not least, it’s good to make some healthy dishes as well. This will give you the option to choose healthy food when you feel like eating something healthy. snack tomatoes, olives, hummus and vegetables will work fine besides the other snacks. And a winter veggie stew can be very welcoming besides the heavy & fatty main dishes at Christmas dinner. It’s always good to have the choice to eat something healthy if you want to. On the internet you can find so much inspiration for healthy Christmas treats. Also searching the web for delicious (healthy) Christmas dishes can be so much fun!

Just break up with your holiday stress. It’s like poison for the good holiday vibes and not necessary at all! Live in the moment, enjoy being together with your loved ones and celebrate the holidays! :- )

Happy Holidays Fit Girls!!



Tuna cabbage salad

The past week I have asked you what kind of recipes you’d like to see on my website. Many of you asked for cold lunch recipes. So here we go: a delicious and super healthy cabbage salad.

You won’t think of cabbage right away when deciding on what to make for lunch. But cabbage is a delicious ingredient that definitely can be eaten cold. For instance; white cabbage, Chinese cabbage and other varieties. Also, there is an endless variation possible with fruit, chicken, vegetables, nuts or other kinds of cabbage.

This delicious cold lunch recipe is made with tuna, quark, crunched almonds and garlic. It is a recipe filled with essential proteins, and healthy nutrients that make this a very responsible meal. And besides, this salad is so damn delicious, enjoy babes!

What you need for one person:

– 200 gr white cabbages
– 100 gr red cabbage
– 1 Spring onion
– 150 gr tuna (you could also use chicken filet)
– 2 tablespoons of quark
– Salt, Pepper and garlic
– 1 teaspoon Ketjap Manis
– 1 tablespoon almonds


How to make it:

– Cut the white and red cabbage into small strips.

– Cut the spring onion in small pieces and add to the cabbage. Add the herbs, quark, tuna, Ketjap Manis and the vegetables. Make sure you mix it all and sprinkle the crushed almonds on top.

– Tip: Make this yummy salad for 2/3 days and keep cool in the fridge.

See you next week girls!


Love your rear

So what needs more lovin’ than your behind? Ok maybe the front but let’s not forget we all are very busy training our butts off. Or in other cases training a butt on.

Whether you want your bum to be bigger, smaller, rounder and in a severe lonely case, flatter, please make sure that it will become as bootylicious as possible. Now I must say we at Model Workout haven’t made a hardcore butt video yet (planning it now) but we can give you a serious stretch. No pun intended! While doing the booty challenge or heavy training outside or in the gym make sure you get a simple and effective warmup. Do one you actually enjoy!

Watch and learn
Back to stretching. Try and do this simple stretch after your bum fun. Ashley shows you how in this short video!

But wait! There’s more…

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Fannetiek in the Kitchen

Healthy Carrot and Almond Cake Recipe: A healthy, gluten free, low fat and low sugar cake that feels totally decadent and indulgent. So decadent, in fact, that I decided this is the best cake I have made in a long time. It is moist, delicious and totally healthy and perfect for Holiday season.


  • 1 1/2 cups (150g) almond meal
  • 2 cups (200g) grated carrot
    1/3 cup (40g) gluten free plain flour
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 cup (50g) unrefined cane sugar/brown sugar*
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • **1/2 cup – 1 cup milk of your choice

* Even healthier: use 50 g dates
** I use approx 50 ml unsweetened almond milk


Preheat oven to 180C/355F. Grease and/or line a medium round cake tin. Combine your almond meal, carrot, flour, baking powder and sugar (or dates). Add in your beaten eggs, vanilla and enough milk needed to make a cake batter like consistency. Stir until just combined and pour into your prepared baking tin.

Bake for 25-30 minutes or until cooked through and a skewer removes clean (and the cake is golden on top).

This cake is best chilled so allow to cool on your bench top and then pop into the fridge to chill before serving. The cake is super moist and delicious on its own – but feel free to top it with a dollop of low fat cottage cheese.

Store in the fridge for a few days or freeze individual slices and the cake will keep for months.

Notes: *The amount of milk needed will vary depending on how moist your carrots are, add just as much as needed to make a thick cake batter like consistency.


From Fit Girl to sick girl

I started a new job and new things are great but they also cost energy. My energy level was not getting any better and my body was changing too. Nothing visible for others, but I know my body best so I saw my ‘abs’ slowly disappear and other parts grow. This could only mean one thing. Yes, I’m pregnant. Although I really want this, it’s still an OMG moment and life changing. A Fit Girl without energy? Sick and happy at the same time, read my first 3 months thoughts…



Low battery
It’s not my first pregnancy because I already have a lovely girl Robin (almost 4 years) but that doesn’t make it easier. I felt so tired and sick (thank God no throwing up) and the only thing that helped was eating all day. So everywhere I went, I had something in my bag to eat. But after 30 minutes I felt sick again. I was exhausted at the end of the day. The hardest part was to keep my happy face and be as energetic as before. I still had to teach Bootcamp and my groupfitness classes. So I did.


Keep it quiet
Not telling anyone is not funny. We wanted to wait until we had our first echo at 10 weeks (seeing is believing). Still, I was lucky I started a new job so I told everyone around me that it was intensive (and it really was) and I was tired because of all new impressions etc. On the other hand, I thought my pregnancy was quite obvious because my pants where tight and my boobs became pretty big. Details people ;-). Nobody noticed.

Water please
Party time. Or not? I’m not a huge wine drinker, but when I skipped a glass of wine at a friend’s diner party, they knew enough. Details. But then I was at this movie premiere with work and I was not the driver, my colleague offered me a glass of wine. Awkward moment, so I took it anyway, but when he wasn’t looking I left my full glass at another table. I’m a fast drinker ;-). You won’t believe this, but when he offered me another glass later, someone accidentally bumped the glass right out of my hands. Funny stuff 🙂

Fit Girl
Ok! I feel sick, unhealthy and any exercise is too much because of my very low energy. Blegh. All the great pictures and updates on Instagram or Facebook are not helping me either. But hey, better days are coming right? What am I whining about? There’s something big going on, my body is getting ready to deliver a performance like a full marathon. Now that’s a challenge. Meanwhile I want to stay fit, so when I’ll have my energy back, I will work my ass off. And maybe in 2016 a real marathon?




I took this picture this summer and it will be my motivation next summer :-).What would be (or was) your biggest struggle when you’re pregnant?


High five,




Five Fit Girl Reasons to Run Rotterdam

The cat’s out of the bag: Rotterdam, the second largest city in tiny Netherlands, surpassed Amsterdam in terms of coolness. The Rough Guide, New York Times and the Guardian have mentioned my raw and rough hometown as uber cool and must-visit city. Almost all rave about its architecture, its new neighborhoods and its fresh bars and restaurants. Oh, and did you know Rotterdam is the base of #FITGIRLCODE HQ too? All that should be enough to give my hometown a visit. But wait. There’s more.

Rotterdam is a runner friendly city, with broad sidewalks to run on, asphalted bike roads to share and marks for popular running routes. Several bridges crossing the river can be used for an urban hill challenge. So even when you’re just training, there are many routes available. The city has a pretty packed race calendar, too. Here are my 5 favorite running events which would help any running loving Fit Girl to run this hip town…

1. April –Marathon Rotterdam

The Rotterdam Marathon is a racing weekend with the Full Monty event on Sunday. The course is known as one of the fastest in Europe. If you don’t want to run the 26.2 on your own, you can know run the official event as a team of four. The perfect BFFF event, right?

Ladies Run 2014 warming up

2. June – Ladies Run Rotterdam

Release your inner pink lady with this female exclusive running event! Last year, they added 7.5k to the event, so whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced runner, there’s sure to be a fitting racing distance for you! Ladies Run caters to us female runners with loads of shopping, a stylish event t-shirt and goodie bag and more practically: lots of toilets on the event site. Even if pink isn’t your favorite color, you will love the happy vibe of this running event. (source: Ladies Run)

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Girls want abs

Hello girls I hope you all are doing the #FITGIRLCODE Booty Challenge, but let’s not forget the wonderful world of abs! Don’t you just love your rectus abs and your transverse abs?

Girls want abs

Maintaining my obliques and controlling them is an every day job. In order for me to stay bikini proof for my Prince Charming (I think he isn’t born yet) or for me to keep eating pizza and fries twice a week I need my everyday abs routine to be simple and effective. Model Workout has what it takes to keep me going and together we kick the sh*t out of my abdominals and obliques

In putting together the ultimate ab routine we wanted to make sure we hit all the visible muscle groups, but by the same token, don’t want to create such a long, arduous routine that you’ll never want to do. (Or just watch the workout while eating popcorn). So, a combination of thoroughness and efficiency is key, and the best way to achieve that is by figuring a way of hitting the most areas of the abdominal region using the fewest exercises. Cause you sure don’t want to spend an hour just training your abs!


Train along with Marie in this video and do this workout with her in three rounds with 30 seconds workout time per exercises.Put your interval timer on 40 seconds workout time with 10 seconds break; try this for 3 rounds. Keep adding up while becoming a pro!

For more videos check out! That way you can train along with me and my cardio workouts as well!




What the *bleep* are macros?

These days the way you train and eat largely depends on what trend you follow or how cool your friends are. There’s a ton of ways to eat: counting calories, eating clean, being vegan, avoiding anything that’s “processed”, etc. 

If you haven’t heard the word ‘macros’ lately, you probably don’t have a Facebook or Instagram account. Assuming you are not 84 years old and do have one of those, you might be wondering what macros (short for macronutrients, by the way) are and how these macros-thingies can help you achieve your goals.

What are macronutrients, or macros?
Macronutrients are best defined as chemical compounds humans consume and which provide the most energy. Whenever you consume food or drinks, you consume calories. In turn, calories consist of protein, carbohydrates or fat. Alcohol (ethanol) can be classified as a macronutrient, as it provides energy, but it’s not essential for the body to function. So whenever someone discusses macronutrients, it’s safe to assume alcohol isn’t considered one.

In short: macros/macronutrients are protein, carbohydrates and fat. Nothing more, nothing less. Kind of a boring bummer, isn’t it?

It’s somewhat important to note there are people who say counting calories is useless, but counting macros is not. That’s somewhat strange, since calories consist of macros. Protein and carbs contain 4 kcal/g and fat contains 9 kcal/g. So if you’re counting macros, you’re one small step away from counting calories as well. It’s just not your main focus.

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Healthy brownies

Who doesn’t like baking in the weekend?! So to help you, I started my own little bakery in my kitchen and made this delicious healthy brownie with…Sweet potatoes! I can imagine you’d rather associate a brownie with chocolate than a potato. However chocolate is rather unhealthy for us, and you’ll be surprised how this potato can almost make the brownie taste as good as the double chocolate starbucks brownie. Yup!

So, why do I use the sweet potato? Aren’t potatoes a no-go? Well, this potato is an exception! The sweet potato is a source of vitamin A, B6, C, Beta-carotene, iron and calcium. In addition, it has little impact on your blood glucose level, which means you’ll feel satiated for a longer period of time. Exchange the normal potato for the sweet variant and your body will be so thankful!

What you need for approximately 8 pieces:

– 2 sweet potatoes
– 100gr dates
– 100gr buckwheat
– 4 tablespoons raw cocoa
– 1-teaspoon vanilla extract
– 1 bag of baking powder
– Pinch of salt


How to make it:

– Boil some water, peal the sweet potato and cook for 15 minutes (until it is soft). Let the potato cool down (you could do this by putting it in cold water).

– Heat the oven at 180 degrees. Put the dates in the food processor just as long until it becomes a soft paste. Then add the potato, raw cocoa and vanilla extract.

– Mix the buckwheat and the baking powder in a different bowl with a pinch of salt. Add the chocolate mixture and bled everything.

– Place the baking paper on a small casserole; pour the mixture in the casserole and place in the oven for about 30 minutes.

– When the 30 minutes have passed, pierce a sate stick in the brownie to see if it is ready. If the sate stick comes out clean, the brownie is ready.



Meet Our New Ambassador, Nicole Winhoffer

Hi #FITGIRLCODE community! I’m Nicole Winhoffer and I represent new way of fitness. In order to change your life, the first thing you have to learn is to think outside the box. In my workouts I incorporate music, art, fashion, pop culture and freedom. Whenever my students first come to class I let them know that working out is a form of expression, not just an effect and a result, it’s a full experience.

photo 2 (2)The ideas for my training come from movies, music, books, fashion, colors and light. I have a very strong imagination and I’ve always been in touch with it since I was a child. Everything in our body is centrifugal force. Everything is a rotating, circular motion. In my philosophy I like to combine the scientific facts of working out and the effects it has with each one’s anatomy, as well the artistic element. This, believe it or not, is crucial to people’s soul. Unfortunately, we can lose sight of the child within us and that’s what makes us grow older. When you work out with me all of that changes. My workouts have been compared to the fountain of youth because I keep the neurons of your brain connected to the muscle pattern and I also get you to think differently. When you do something out of the ordinary it wakes up new neurons and gets you to move in a new way and have new muscles. Through curiosity, playfulness and being a child in your movement gives you that glowing skin and tight body that you crave, but also, a happy mind and a happy soul. It’s an expansion of your mind and open your consciousness.

It may sound radical, but I equate my workouts to the feelings of invincibility that people get when they’re high, drunk or having mad sex. Or maybe they’re at a concert and they’re shaking their heads up and down or they are at a club and dancing like there’s no tomorrow. I work not only the external, but also the internal. For example, if you’re doing a leg lift, you are also working the kidney, which is the organ of fear, so you’re exercising and moving the blood around that organ, releasing those pent up frustrations and allowing breathing space for new and better things to come. Speed and agility play a big part in my classes, waking everybody up to get those stagnant and rooted preconditions of their daily lives out. My classes are about movement and finding balance in the body, so my clients can find it in their life. Also, the classes are a bit about suffering. But, why is that? By getting through my class they are able to get through their problems in their life.

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