The struggles of a runner

We all have our own problems and difficulties in life. We all have different stuff to deal with. Especially the runners! It’s pretty much part of the deal: start running, and experience a shitload of bloopers, embarrassing moments and memorable actions that will happen to every runner on it’s journey.. Even the most advanced runners will not be able to avoid all of them. Better be prepared, because if you ever ran before, you will surely relate to some of the below mentioned ‘struggles’ ;-)..

The struggles of a runner

1. That moment you just ran one kilometre when you realize you need to pee
2. Forgetting any water on your planned long distance run
3. Trying to hold in your breath to look as calm and cool as possible when passing strangers or other runner’s, while one second later you almost die due to lack of air
4. Promising yourself to stick to a training schedule but ending up just doing whatever suits you best at the moment
5. After months of saving, you finally were able to buy the running shoes you’ve always dreamed about. Two weeks later you notice your favourite brand has released a new pair. Cool, now you’re again old fashioned.
6. Just having had an enormous breakfast when you realize you had to go for a run right when you got up. Digestive system, hurry up.
7. Accidentally touching the ‘cancel’ button on your mobile device. MY MASTERPIECE, GONE, FOREVER!
8. Ugly feet …
9. When your hair looks gross but you can’t shower because you haven’t done your scheduled run yet
10. Trying to survive the eternal, ever lasting minutes on the treadmill

But wait! There’s more…


11. That moment when you sign up for a race and you realize you actually have to get serious now
12. Not being able to stop talking about running, and bothering every human being close to you with your excitement
13. Realizing it’s easier to just tell people you’re on a diet because they don’t quite understand what ‘eating healthy’ means
14. Accidentally stepping into a muddle puddle during your first run in bright, shiny new shoes
15. When your best race picture is marred by an old, out-of-shape person walking the 5k that shares a course with your race
16. You can’t find anything to wear when you’re going out because all your normal clothes are slowly being replaced by workout clothes
17. Seeing that low battery reminder on your phone when you’re only half way..
18. Bundling up to get ready to go outside and then realizing you forgot to put your sports bra on
19. Seeing someone you haven’t seen in a long time while you’re out on your run, and you’re worried about messing up your time
20. Wanting to take a picture of your healthy meal, but getting too excited to eat it that you forget it

What has been your most embarrassing, or annoying moment so far?


Lot’s of love,

Lau (Runninglau)


Fresh leg work out by Model Workout

This Model Workout gives you the legs you desire (and by that we also mean a lot of muscle ache). You gotta work it if you wanna earn it! Check out this short work out, the results: tight butt and legs! This work out consist of 5 exercises.

Fresh leg work out by Model Workout

1 Motion exercise (squat side raise)
2 Static exercises
(side step & lunge)
1 Explosive exercise
(plié jump)
1 Cardio exercise
(mountain climber)

Set up the work out
For ultimate ‘fresh legs’ do each exercise at least 30 seconds.  Do all 5 exercises for 3 or 4 repetitions. Do you want to pick it up a notch and are you up for the challenge? Try doing each exercise for 40 or 50 seconds and rest 10 seconds in between each exercise. We like to use Swing Timer or the Interval timer to time our exercises. So, set your workout to 30 seconds (0r 40-50 seconds) and  rest time to 10 seconds. Have 3/4 repetitions so you’ll do 15 to 20 exercise total.

And these are the exercises explained…

Squat side raise

Squat side rais

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#FITGIRLCODE Get-back-on-track-plan

I guess every Fit Girl has her motivation dips every now and then. Most of the time a motivation dip has everything to do with things going on in your personal life. Maybe you feel stressed about your work? Something bad happened in your personal life? Or maybe you have to restart your workouts after an injury?

These kind of situations bring you out of balance and sometimes it seems hard to get back on track. I made a get-back-on-track plan to help fit girls all over the world to get their motivation back when it seems to be gone. Don’t know how to start? Just check the plan and before you know it, the gym is your second home again!


Step 1: Don’t be angry with yourself. It wasn’t the best choice to eat the complete jar of peanut butter, but hey, shit happens. Unfortunately you can’t turn back time and well, the world does not perish… Always remember you are the unique YOU. Your motivation dip doesn’t make you a bad person. Stop looking backward and give yourself a clean start. Don’t expect to say goodbye to all your unhealthy habits at the same time. This could make it more harsh for you to start at all. Just get started. Step by step.















Step 2: Begin with changing your eating habits. Restructure your diet by planning 3 meals and 3 snacks. Don’t eat anything in between your meals & snacks, but allow yourself to have a cheat at one of the eating moments each day. As long as you can keep it that way, this is a perfect start. When you feel like binging, try to find distraction in other things (watching series, going for a walk, phone call with your BFFF).



Step 3: Now you found your structure in your meal plans, it’s time to healthify your meals & snacks. This means you should eat your vegetables, fruits and other unprocessed foods. Search for healthy snacks on the web and remember nourishing vegetables and fruits should be the base of every meal. Start to experiment with healthy recipes and new flavors. Try to ditch the processed foods as much as possible.

By eating clean, you will notice you’ll get more energy and feel like becoming more active. This feeling is not only a feeling, it’s actually scientifically proven! People who eat healthy (with lots of unprocessed foods) have a natural urge to move. You’ll notice you’re already becoming more active naturally!


Step 4: Now your eating habits are fixed, it’s about time to start focusing on your work-outs. The first step is the hardest for most fitgirls. Probably you already noticed you lost some of your strength, flexibility and endurance. No fun. Just get started with easy work-outs. It might be helpful to start at home. It’s quick, no one sees you and you don’t have to go anywhere (which takes more time). No excuses, just do it!

IMG_20140611_112503Step 5: In this step your healthy habits start to feel like normal again. Because you managed to get yourself back on track, you should reward yourself! Go & treat yourself with some nice Fit Girl goodies! New work-out gear is the best motivation after all 😉



Fase 6:
Now it’s about TIME to get yourself into the gym! Don’t you want to show your gorgeous new workout gear to the rest of the world? Your new tights & tee are so ready to hit the gym! If you’re really having problems with getting yourself into the gym, use this strategy: Take one day off from all appointments. The only task that day is getting yourself into the gym. There are no excuses, because you don’t have any other meetings. Only the gym is waiting you. You can delay your gym time, but it’s a waste of your day. Just go there & kill that workout!

Step 7: When you hit the gym and your healthy habits start to feel like normal again, all you have to do is keep it that way. My experience is that getting started is the hardest part. When you really got started, it feels awesome. Just feel how strong and full of energy you are! Isn’t that pretty amazing?

Fase 8: Find your balance! A healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you should restrict yourself from anything enjoyable. It means you want to treat your body well. Don’t start to hate yourself after an off day and allow yourself a cheat meal every now and then. There’s nothing wrong with cheats & off days, as long as you pick up the healthy habits afterwards. Healthy lifestyle truly is about finding your balance. If your life is in balance, you will notice you won’t get into a motivation dip so easily. Just trust yourself, be kind to yourself and know that you can do this!

Booty poppin Nikki Pebbles

HELLO Fit Girls, Nikki Pebbles here! I am a booty poppin’, hair whipping, Beyoncé loving entrepreneur….. did I mention that I LOVE food too? In all seriousness, I am the Founder and CEO of Power(FULL) Girl, a place of power for women of ALL ages. I am driven by the notion that all women have a voice and its time to hear us roar! I am also a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, foodie, native New Yorker and blogger! If you’re ready to shake, smile, move your way to a more powerFULL self, come check out my blog, Instagram, and Twitter!


735803_10153526011050612_1308006545_o Girls can do anything boys can do!

“TAG YOU’RE IT!!!” was the game that changed my little kindergarten attitude and my view on life. I was playing tag on the playground with all my friends; it was a beautiful fall day. I was standing by the slide, plotting my game plan when Kenneth** ran past me. I jumped at the chance to tag him out and as I reached to touch his shoulder, he pushed me and said, “ You can’t tag me out, you’re a girl!” My six-year-old self was taken aback! I thought to myself “ Who does this short kid think he is, I just saw him picking his nose in the corner!” I firmly stood up for myself and yelled the words I will never forget “ ANYTHING BOYS CAN DO, GIRLS CAN DO BETTER!!” I felt an angry bubbly sensation under my skin. From that point on, it was my mission to make sure that girls had the same opportunities that boys did. O, by the way…. I ended up tagging him and he lost the game…



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It’s all about posture

We had an awesome training with Inge Stufkens, who blogs for Model Workout and is a model for Q’s models. Inge lives in Milan, but was on holiday here in The Netherlands. We have regular contact with her about achieving the right Model Lifestyle and a little while ago we got together for a super work out. We mainly focused on having the right posture, something we should all do, whether you’re a model or not. It’s all about posture!


Inge StaandThere’s work to do! Let’s find the right posture! 
It’s important for Inge to focus on having the right posture. This is mandatory when doing fashion shows or taking pictures. How do you tighten your core? What’s the best way to stand and in what way can you use your body to rock the runway?





Inge en Paul 1Tough love from Paultje!
When Paultje is correcting people on their posture, the main focus is on the pelvis, back and shoulders. Most people nowadays spend hours behind the computer. Even the models that we train. Paultje wants everyone to stand up straight using an imaginary line from the top of your head all the way to your tailbone. Shoulders should be down and certainly not bend forward. One little trick to stand up straight is to really tighten your butt. Squeezing it as if you have to hold a little coin with it. 😉



Inge and Paultje practicing presentation: Stand up straight please 🙂

inge en paul 2No matter what your profession is one thing is always important and that is how you present yourself. You can only make one first impression! Note for everyone; Breathe! Not only while exercising do people tend to stop breathing but also when being nervous, afraid and overly happy. Be aware of your breathing in a natural way. There is no need to extremely focus on it cause it’s a natural thing to do. Otherwise you would’ve been dead already 😉



The other most important thing is being self conscious. Be in the moment, know what you are doing and what can you do to improve. If it’s about training, ask yourself if your technique while doing your excercises is good, if so not perfect. Besides being fully aware of your being during sports, it’s also very helpfull to every now and then stand still by the things you are doing at the very moment. Why are you doing it and where does it lead you to? Try to be as grounded as possible, that way you are always able to present yourself just the way you are. Which should be good enough!

The No Work Out Work Out

Hey there Fit Moms and Fit Girls! Do you sometimes feel like yelling, “I got no time for a work out”? I can totally relate! Family life can be so hectic at times, that carving out time to work out feels like just another chore. Mostly with zero priority. Don’t beat yourself up about it, though! As a mom, you’re getting exercise even without hitting the gym. Here’s how…

The diaper change
Trying to change a diaper can be some serious cardio! Because here’s a heads up to you Fit Girls without kids: quietly laying on the changing table is something babies only do in movies. Especially with those poo nappies! Flipping, turning, flexing, pushing, crawling… I literally sweat after having changed a diaper. And now that my baby boy is a toddler, I can add chasing him before changing his diaper as a warming up drill!

The baby lift
You probably didn’t know, but you’re working your core when carrying your baby. With the extra weight on top, you need to stabilize your core when moving. This means working your abs and back muscles! Walking up and down the stairs with your baby on your arm adds drills for your glutes and legs too. You may not notice under your post-partum mummy tummy and your baby in front of it, but you’re working on a strong core!

With toddlers it’s even better: wanting to be lifted and carried constantly, you can add biceps to this workout. And it will definitely count as core training. I mean, do you lift 15k when doing dead lifts in the gym? I don’t!

This is probably a Dutch thing, but I can recommend it to all fit moms of all nations: get on yer bike! In our little country, where parking space is tight and expensive, and everything is nearby, the mode of transportation of choice is the bike. In the Netherlands, even a special mom bike was put to market: a sturdy bike that can hold the weight of a mom and her 2 kids, 1 in the front and 1 in the back, the stroller and a day’s groceries. How’s that for pedaling with resistance?

Using the bike on your short commutes is the easiest way of working out without working out. A ride to school, to the supermarket, back to school, to any after school practice or to the gym: before you know, you’ve hit the target of 30 minutes of exercise. Check!

The No Work Out Work Out header

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Why coordination is important

Last time I wrote about flexibility, which is one of the base motricity skills. Today I want to talk about co-ordination, because this base motricitiy skill is quite important! A good coordination is needed for a good performance in whatever kind of sport you like to do.

Why coordination is important

Literally, coordination means aligning movements between muscles, but also between muscle fibers inside the muscles itself. Co-ordination has everything to do with the nervous system, which includes your brain, spine and nerves. When you are moving, your brain is constantly sending and receiving information from the peripheral nervous system. These nerves are transporting information from and to your muscles. If you have a good co-ordination, you probably also have a good balance, good exercise technique and fast responsiveness.

So why is coordination so important? Co-ordination has everything to do with technique. You can imagine, that when you have a poor technique, you’ll have a higher risk for injuries.
Besides that, poor technique mostly means: a lot of compensation factors. And when you are compensating during an exercise, you are not training the muscles you think you are training. So bad co-ordination also means poor results. We don’t want that, right?

So how to train your co-ordination? There are several ways to train your co-ordination. Typical co-ordination exercises consist of balance, quick responsiveness and dual tasks. I will share some fun and interesting workouts with you for some co-ordination inspiration!

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5 core work outs you can do every day

Your core is the power house of your body. Strength, stability and power, it all comes from your core. Model Workout has 5 awesome exercises you can do every day to strenghten your core.

 5 core work outs you can do every day

Do each exercises for 30 seconds and do them one after the other. Repeat each sequence 3 times for maximum results.

1. Planking. Place your elbows straight under your shoulders. Curl your toes under and engage your abs by tilting your pelvis and pulling your belly button toward your spine. Flex your abdominals and squeeze your glutes. Keep breathing.

Reena plank-2

2. The graveyard crunch. Lay down on the floor and relax your feet. Cross your arms over your chest. Breathe out when you sit up. Rest your head on the floor before repeating the exercise.


3. Stretched pike. Get in the position as you can see on the image. Point with your toes towards you and keep the tention on your core. Do you want to make it a little bit harder? Move your feet and arms closer to the ground. Keep breathing.


stretched pike-2

4. Superman plank. Important: Curl your toes toward you (standing foot). Repeat exercise for 30 seconds by switching from left to right.


5. Cobra. Lay flat on your stomach, and use the power of your core to lift your upper body as far from the ground as you can. Stay in this position for 30 seconds. Important: keep your palms flat towards the ground for a nice and straight posture.

Cobra 1-2

Do you want more guidance and help strenghtening your body? Join the Model Workout lifestyle community. Here you can find a variety of videos that can help you achieve your goals. Our personal trainers are ready to anwer all your questions!


Facing the cold

Two weeks ago I was in Poland for the FIVB World Grand Prix together with the Dutch National Team. Flying to Gdansk made me think of the time that I lived there, only hundred meters from the Baltic sea. At the time I played for Atom Trefl Sopot (Polish female volleyball team). Me and my family were always fond of swimming in seas or lakes, even though it was cold. My father said it was proof of strong character.

Me and my brother facing the ice cold water


One time during winter, when my family came to visit me in Gdansk the challenge was: who is the last person that dares to go into the water this winter. My father won. And crazy enough, we were not the only ones swimming at that time of the year. If you walked along the snowy beach, there were still people enjoying a swim in the cold water.


Once I talked to a man who always swam in sea during winter, and he told me that it’s very good for your health. He said that by dipping weekly in cold water, he never caught a cold or got ill. Some other Polish swimmers I met told me the same story. These nothern traditions were also respected by my Polish volleyball team. After each practice we could take an ice bath in our looker room to cool off our legs.

I think everyone should take a dip into the cold water once in a while. It appears to provide inner strength and doing something out of the ordinary gives a real kick. Just check out this guy, Wim the Iceman. This Dutchman has several ‘cold records’ to his name. His personal record is 1 hour, 52 minutes and 42 seconds in cold water. If you want, you can even splash into the water with Wim himself in Poland. Would you dare to do it?

Are there any things you would like to ask me or my fellow team mates? Leave your questions in the comment below!


Clean banana pancakes

Oh my, oh my, this is so delicious! You’ve probably seen them on other blogs or websites: the banana pancakes. I have to confess I’ve tried them last week for the first time. For lunch I have a green smoothie with an apple and an extra piece of fruit everyday. So plenty of fruit in my opinion. However, when I tried these babies for the first time I was hooked! This is so good! So my conclusion is: one of the best breakfasts ever!

This delicious meal is perfect for breakfast and lunch

Recipe for 4 pancakes

–       1 banana
–       2 eggs
–       1 tbsp of cinnamon
–       Optional: honey and fruit

This is how you do it

–       Mash the banana on a plate and whip the egg in a bowl. Add the mashed banana to the egg and mix it up.
–       Add the cinnamon. Pour the mix into a small soup spoon and scoop the mix into the frying pan that is on a small fire.
–       Let the pancake bake for a while on only one side. After this, turn the pancake. If you think it’s going to break, then you should not yet flip the pancake but bake it on the same side for a while.
–       Bake the other side until the pancakes have nice brown color.
–       Put the pancakes on a plate and garnish with some honey and some cinnamon.

Bon appétit!

10 Model Workout Nutrition Tips

It seems like nowadays there’s no escaping sugars, bad carbs and processed foods with additives. No holds barred to give food more flavor and more preservability to increase your cravings. And it all comes down to one thing, money. This is how food companies think: the more taste food has, the more it will be purchased. Everything is meant to trigger certain parts in your brain and give you a short term “high”. They eliminate the good process and development of food. Do you want to improve your health and lifestyle? Model Workout has 10 tips when it comes to consuming foods.

  • Unprocessed foods are the key to results. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. Foods that can be found in nature are so much more healthier than processed foods you can find in a supermarket.



  • Three basic elements that are good for your body: proteins, good carbs and yes, healthy fats.
  • Losing weight is not achieved by dieting. It’s more about finding new and healthy routines in your lifestyle.
  • Model Workout believes in portion control. Sometime you eat more than what you need.
  • Eating five times a day is healthier. You improve your metabolism, get more energy and develop a better food process in your body.
  • Have a big glass of lukewarm water with the juice of half a lemon in the morning. This is to replenish the liquid you lose during the night, it also adds extra vitamin C and it helps to clean out your digestive system.
  • Eat an apple before working out for extra vitamins and energy.
  • Have a banana after your work out for muscle recovery.
  • Consume at least twice your weight of proteins in grams.
  • Always eat whole-wheat carbs. They’re easier for your body to digest.


For more information, tips & tricks, meal plans and workout videos, visit our community and get inspired!


Ambassador blog by Anne

Hi, my name is Anne, I’m a 28 year old Dutch girl and I am a bodybuilder. Before you run away and get scared by my profession, please continue reading while I introduce myself and my sport.

Because to me, bodybuilding is a way of life. I train hard, eat clean and dedicate almost everything to this sport. But why, I hear you say. Well, earlier this year I decided to compete in my very first fitness competion. There are four different classes to compete in (bikini, bodyfitness, figure and bodybuilding) and I am coming out in the bodyfitness class. So don’t be scared, I’m not a female Schwarzenegger and I will never be. I’m just a great great fan of strong women.

I always loved working out and after some time I noticed I was good at it. I got stronger, leaner and I gained muscle. I just had to do something with those facts and hey! Why not compete in a fitness competition? Just like that. My dream goal is to become a fitness model and compete in international competitions. But before all that can happen I have to make it on stage by the end of this year at the FlexCup 2014.

Guidance and support
Preparing for a competition is hard work and it takes a lot of determination and dedication. I don’t drink or go out, I go to bed early and I have to watch what and when I eat. Luckily for me I’m not doing this all by myself. I have the most lovely coach you can wish for, Guy Droog and I get a lot of support by my friends and family.
I did not only decided to compete, I also began writing about my fit journey.  On my blog (in Dutch) you get to read everything that is on my mind and what it takes to become a fitness model. And ofcourse, a lot of healthy tips, lovely recipes and you can get online weight coaching (as I am also a health coach). Please check in every now and then for motivation and inspiration and read all about my fit journey.

From now on I will write a blog on #FITGIRLCODE every month, so you can keep up with #TeamFannetiek. Wanna see more already? Please check my Instagram or visit my Facebook page.

I’m proud to be an Ambassador for #FITGIRLCODE. Let’s conquer the world with Fit Girls!




10 Model Workout Tips

What is the definition of exercising according to Model Workout? ‘Exercising is working on your own physical goals’. Everybody is different. We all have our own goals and our own approaches. Exercising is a part of your lifestyle and we are going to help you make the right decisions when it comes to working out. So with that said, here are some tips everybody can keep in mind when exercising.

10 Model Workout Tips

1. Focus. Make sure that when you’re working out, you’re focused. Don’t get distracted by phones, social media or passing birds. It’s just you and your workout!

2. Posture. You get results when you have the right posture. Do you need tips & tricks? Have a look on our platform.

3. Willpower. This is the most valuable and important energy there is!

4. Awareness. Always try to look at the bigger picture. What do you want to reach? Always keep that in mind when exercising.

5. Balance. Always have balanced workouts for maximum results. Our work outs are carefully structured so you can train without getting injured and get the best.

6. Breathing. Focus on your breathing during your workout. Breathe out when you’re contracting your muscles and breathe in when you’re building up a power explosion or with repetition.

7. Activate your workout. Activate your body with a good warming up & stretch before a work out.

8. Drive. The right effort and drive during a work out gives you so much more results and energy. After exercising you’ll have more mental power than before.

9. Presence. Always have a proud posture. When you’re sitting, exercising or walking.

10. Morning exercise. Working out in the morning gives you so much satisfaction. It helps you get more energetic and feel proud of yourself all day long.


The most important tip: Go work out 😉 Kick some ass and try using these tips for optimal results! Visit our website for more inspiration and tips! 



Zucchini spaghetti

From now on I will post every Wednesday a healthy version of all my personal guilty pleasures. Would you like to see the healthy version of your personal guilty pleasure? Please leave a moment below and maybe I will pick yours and post it on the website! 

I have an absolute delicious dish for you to introduce this new weekly post: zucchini-spaghetti! Before I changed my entire lifestyle I could eat plates full of spaghetti. As a result, I ate way too many calories and ended up feeling bloated. I’m still hooked on Italian food and only thinking about it makes my mouth water…Unfortunately it’s not really clean, obviously. That’s why I came up with this great healthy alternative so you can enjoy without feeling guilty! These green strings are in fact super healthy and are packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber. In addition, it contains way fewer calories, which is a good thing!

p.s. for my beloved man I used whole wheat spaghetti instead of the zucchini-spaghetti. Obviously still very healthy because of all the fresh ingredients.


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