Nike & Fitgirlcode: We Own The Night

So last year Aranka and Chris ran the 10k during Nike’s We Own The Night and this year they’re doing it again. Only this time they will be joined by more Fit Girls. And guess what…You can join too!

Nike & Fitgirlcode: We Own The Night

Aranka & Chris (The Dynamic Duo) will be joined by Fit Girls Anna, Shelley and Kim. They all have been training for it really hard, and for them it will be the first time running a 10k marathon. So freaking exciting and awesome! We know they’re gonna nail it and the other girls (including me) will be there to cheer our faces off!

Join us!

We would LOVE to see you there and join the girls for the marathon. Aranka & Chris will be carrying their Fitgirlcode bags before the start so you can recognize them. And the first one to spot them, take a picture with both of them, using #NikeFitgirlcode on Instagram will be receiving a Fitgirlcode goodie bag! We will be there taking pictures too, so be sure to look for us to say hi! 

Nike We Own The Night
Race date:             Saturday 7th June 2014
Race time :           After dark
Race location:    Amsterdam


Get your admission now!

So click on the button below to register and get your admission. Remember that some of the girls are doing it for the first time, so if you have been running for a while but haven’t really challenged yourself yet: Now is the perfect time! The girls will run side by side with you, cheering when sh*t gets tough!




Running into a new mindset

A couple of months ago, I signed up for the 5k Ladies Run in Rotterdam. It was a motivator for me to start running again and seriously train from zero to 5km. I started out with the speed of an 80-year-old turtle who had to catch her breath every 200 meters, but I have to say, I’m more of a 10-year-old sloth now, so I guess that’s still progress, right? 😉

I never liked running and I’m not completely sure whether I do now. However, I have committed to going running at least twice, but ideally three times a week. It really helps that my BFFF comes along every time – I don’t think I could have committed to it without her. Running was very hard for me in the beginning, partly due to a minor lung problem I’ve had since I was a child, but also partly due to my mentality. I’m not the “Rome wasn’t built in a day”-kind-of-girl. If it was up to me, I’d want to build Rome in half a day and add Venice to the schedule as well. However, I needed to learn that your body simply isn’t able to do everything you’d like it to rightaway. It takes time and training to achieve your goals, which in my case was running 5km in 30 minutes – and after 2,5 months, I have finally achieved this.

Running can be awful, exhausting and even annoying. But it can also be energizing, mind-clearing and insightful. It all depends on the mindset you’re taking with you. You can continue to think that you are tired and out of breath while you are running, or you can focus on the landscape around you and bringing your breathing back to a steady pace. You don’t need to run that fast in the beginning – take your time and appreciate the fact that you actually put on your running shoes and are out there trying! Results won’t show in a week and it will be hard. There will be days when you are lying in bed and dreading to go out for a run. But then there will also be days that you will be yearning for a run or will complete one and feel absolutely, completely proud of yourself.

Tips to take with you when you go running:

  • Appreciate the landscape around you. Try going for a run in beautiful surroundings, or explore your hometown and discover beautiful spots. It will get your mind off the fact that you are running and that you still need to go 4km until you’re home. The landscape can be quite beautiful, wherever you are. Look at it. Appreciate it. 
  • Clear your mind. You can’t solve your problems while you’re out there running, but you can take a break from them. Taking a step back and thinking about other things can sometimes bring you entirely new perspectives and help you relax. Maybe when you get home, you’ll suddenly see the solutions.
  • Bring either your BFFF or your music. Running with the feeling of company is much better than doing it all by yourself.
  • Accept the fact that you are only human and you cannot start running 5km without stopping at day 1. Training your body takes time and it needs to build up muscle and strength before you can achieve the goals you have set for yourself. If you are out of breath, take a break and walk for a while until you can breath normal again, or try running slower. I hate it when people say this to me, but… Rome wasn’t built in a day.


My new goal is to run 8km (and eventually 10km) without stopping since I’m training for the We Own The Night 10km in Amsterdam on the 7th of June. Any other fit girls who are going to be there as well? 

International No Diet Day

The 6th May is International No Diet Day. It is also my birthday. Coincidence? I think not. It is just the universe telling me that I should eat all the pie I want and not feel guilty about it – so thank you universe, I will follow your advice! But what’s it about for all those who do not have their birthday today?

Celebrate your body

International No Diet Day is an annual celebration of body acceptance and diversity. It is a day dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle and to raise awareness of the dangers of dieting, therefore a day which Fitgirlcode fully supports! It was started by Mary Evans Young in 1992 (my birth year as well – see, really no coincidence here!). She experienced anorexia nervosa, but conquered it and helped people appreciate themselves for who they are and to cherish the body they have.

In short, the message of the International No Diet Day: all sizes and shapes are beautiful. Stop dieting. Honor the victims of eating disorders and weight-loss surgery. Learn the facts about dieting and weight-loss. Love and celebrate your body. 

Stop dieting

I cannot stress it enough how bad dieting is. Cutting meals and calories in order to lose weight is not the right way! Start eating healthy and nourish your body instead of starving it. If you supplement this lifestyle by working out, you will lose weight (if that’s your goal), and become healthier and fitter. Some might want to call this dieting as well, but I prefer seeing it as a lifestyle. You should never have the feeling that you’re starved and consciously do nothing about that feeling because you want to drop a few pounds. You are beautiful and you should celebrate your body instead of hating it!

Zucchini spaghetti

From now on I will post every Wednesday a healthy version of all my personal guilty pleasures. Would you like to see the healthy version of your personal guilty pleasure? Please leave a moment below and maybe I will pick yours and post it on the website! 

I have an absolute delicious dish for you to introduce this new weekly post: zucchini-spaghetti! Before I changed my entire lifestyle I could eat plates full of spaghetti. As a result, I ate way too many calories and ended up feeling bloated. I’m still hooked on Italian food and only thinking about it makes my mouth water…Unfortunately it’s not really clean, obviously. That’s why I came up with this great healthy alternative so you can enjoy without feeling guilty! These green strings are in fact super healthy and are packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber. In addition, it contains way fewer calories, which is a good thing!

p.s. for my beloved man I used whole wheat spaghetti instead of the zucchini-spaghetti. Obviously still very healthy because of all the fresh ingredients.


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Transformation to the new you

I think I’ve finally seen the light! It really feels like I am at a turning point in the process of maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle. A few weeks ago I told you guys that drinking alcohol during the weekend really is my guilty pleasure. At that stage I didn’t feel strong enough yet to quit drinking for a while, so I could boost my weight loss. But I am proud to say that I survived my first weekend without a single drop of alcohol. I have to admit, it was pretty hard though.

Friday I went out for dinner with my boyfriend and I am so used to order a nice glass of red wine. Instead I asked for a  bottle of sparkling water! Ordering it was the hardest part, but once it was on the table I surrendered to the situation. Saturday I was surrounded by friends drinking, while I was sipping my green tea. This also felt really unnatural at first, but I got used to it. The best part of the story is that I felt like a newborn the next day. I woke up at 8 am, killed my workout like a mad woman and felt fresh and energized the rest of the day. So I am going to keep this up until Kingsday (Koningsdag). Perfect timing, right? 😉

Another great thing happened: my trainers at Sixforty offered me 12 free personal training sessions! They told me that they really wanted to help me achieve my goal before summer. They believe in me and see how motivated I am, and this way they want to contribute to overcome my challenge. I was over the moon! It really feels like my hard work finally is paying off. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and the last push in the right direction.

I’m damn sure that I am going to nail this thing, once and for all!

Developing the new you might be difficult, but once your transformation continues it gets easier.  And down the road you’ll experience some sort of rush. A feeling that changes thoughts like  “I hope I will succeed this time” into “I am sure I going to nail this thing, once and for all!” So keep up the good work, and surround yourself with people that motivate you! Get yourself a Best Fit Friend Forever and support each other during highs and lows. And most importantly: celebrate your achieved goals! Because if you work hard, you can play hard!

Interview with Stefanie, Crossfit coach

Stefanie is a dedicated CrossFit coach in Belgium and one tough (but sweet) cookie. We sat down with her for a one on one to find out more about her, what she loves and what CrossFit exactly is.

So, who is Stefanie? And what does she do?
I’m a 31 year old fun loving GIRL living in Antwerp: a CrossFit junkie, sneaker addict & clean eater. I’m also a project manager at an advertising agency during the day and a CrossFit coach in the evening.

Why did you start with CrossFit?
After I lost my best friend to cancer I started to realize that I was blessed with a healthy body but wasn’t taking care of it. Stress, smoking, sleeping & eating bad, partying too much… Out of respect to her I wanted to turn that around and start to respect my healthy body more. I quit smoking, started running and got myself a less stressful job. During that process I got introduced to CrossFit and was addicted right away to the “lifestyle”. I met likeminded people and felt my body getting healthier and firmer with every session.

I became a coach because I don’t want to spend my time discussing the colours of a button on a website, but actually make a difference in peoples lives. Make them get healthier and move better so they can use their body more efficient & stay healthy and mobile longer.

What exactly is CrossFit? And is it for everybody or should you be very athletic if you want to start?
CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program with the aim of improving, among other things, muscular strength, cardio-respiratory endurance, and flexibility. You should not at all be athletic to start! That’s the beauty of CrossFit, it’s scalable for everyone. You can have a very fit athletic boy training right next to an older lady and at the end of the workout they will have had the same intensity. CrossFit will make you athletic as hell!

We see CrossFit everywhere nowadays. A lot of women are doing it and getting toned. Why do you think it’s so popular?
Because it’s super fun to do. It’s different from a regular gym because you all train and “suffer” together. No headphones allowed. It doesn’t get boring because every day the workout is different. It stays challenging, because there are so many movements you can get better at. You can keep adjusting your goals.

CrossFit isn’t just a sport, it’s a lifestyle. Why is that?
Starting CrossFit can have quite an impact. You meet tons of new people with the same goals… It will help you focus on what you really want in live and pursue it, you will gain confidence with every WOD (Work out Of the Day). You will discover things about yourself you thought you would never be able to do.

stefanie2Why is Paleo often linked to CrossFit? And most importantly, what is Paleo?
Paleo is one of the 2 “diets” CrossFit recommends depending on your goals and commitment level. Paleo is suggested for quality and can provide a great way to be healthier without having to measure calories or go hungry. The other diet is The Zone, it’s suggested for quantity and gives the most benefits in performance. Of course the combination of these two would be great, but it takes more effort. In a nutshell, Paleo is: MEAT AND VEGGIES, NUTS AND SEEDS, SOME FRUIT, LITTLE STARCH, NO SUGAR.

Do you have any advice or tips for anyone who is thinking on starting with CrossFit?
Don’t be scared & just do it!


Sports and beauty

We really love to see what other fit bloggers do on their blogs, Instagram and Facebook pages. We get inspired by each and every one of them! So today we wanted to put Kim from in the limelight. This lady is passionate about working out and she means serious business 🙂


Besides working out, Kim is also a make up artist. So if you need some sport or beauty inspiration, be sure to check out her blog. We received some questions from you guys about protein shakes, Kim has tested a lot of  shakes so be sure to check out those too.


So what are you favorite fit blogs of the moment? Be sure to share them with us, would love to hear from you!

Turn in your old clothes for discount

“Don’t let fashion become garbage”. That’s the slogan of H&M Conscious. Every year, thousands of kilos of textile end up in the garbage, while at least 95% can be re-used. H&M wants to decrease the impact the fashion industry has on the environment and therefore launched an initiative to collect old clothes with the goal of using them for a new purpose.

Turn in your old clothes for discount

You can hand in any of your old clothing and give them a second life – even if it’s ripped, torn, or just extremely 2006 ;). It does not have to be H&M clothing, but it can be of any brand. Everything will be sorted and used for either of these four purposes:

  • Second-hand sales. Those lovely jeans that you don’t fit in anymore (either because you’ve gained muscle or you’ve shrunken a size) can be worn and loved by someone else!
  • Recycling. Your favorite but worn-out top will live a second life as textile fiber or could be used to produce other products like isolating material for the car industry.
  • Re-using. Sometimes your not-so-fashionable-anymore babies can be processed into other products, like cleaning cloths.
  • Producing energy. If all of the above are not an option for the batch you’ve turned in, it will be used to produce energy with.


So what’s in this for you except for the karma points? You get a discount of 15% on your next purchase for every full bag of clothes you turn in. At the moment, every H&M store in the Netherlands is participating, and more and more stores abroad are joining since the fall of 2013.

Personally, I love this initiative and I’m going there today to turn in a big full bag of old clothes. More space in my closet, giving them a new life ánd getting a discount on that sport top I’ve been wanting for a while! 

For more information, check out: